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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach to social responsibility

The digital revolution is changing almost every area of our lives. We want to help allow all people to shape these changes in a positive, active, and equal way. In short, we want everyone to #TAKEPART. That’s why, as part of our social commitment, we are also working on breaking down barriers to digital participation.

We believe there are three key factors for ensuring everyone can participate in our digital society on equal terms – technical access to fast networks, the affordability of equipment and services, and the ability to use digital media competently.

  • Access: We are continuously expanding our network to enable technical access.
  • Affordability: With different rates for every budget and our social rate, we are striving to make digital access affordable for everyone.
  • Ability/Competent use of digital media: Internet users should have positive experiences and suffer no harm online. Data security and data protection are top priorities for us. It is also important for everyone to use media in a competent, responsible, and critical manner, and in line with basic democratic values. We are therefore committed to media and democratic competence.

By focusing on promoting digital participation, our social commitment correlates closely with our core business. We consider ourselves responsible not only for our products and our network, but also for ensuring that people can interact with them confidently. This allows us to put our expertise as a telecommunications provider to the best possible use for the benefit of society.

As one of the major employers, part of our social responsibility in 2019 was to support refugees in their integration into the German labor market.

In carrying out our social commitment, we not only implement our own projects and initiatives, but also encourage the volunteer efforts of our employees. In addition, we provide financial support, for example, by being involved as a sponsor and providing support in the area of disaster response.

The national companies carry out independent regional initiatives. We also work closely across national borders when it comes to our social involvement and share experience and best practices. Close cooperation with social players such as NGOs, associations, and initiatives also plays an important role.

Measuring success
We use a set of KPIs to measure our success:

  • The Community Investment ESG KPI reflects our social commitment in terms of financial, human, and material resources.
  • The Beneficiaries ESG KPI measures the number of active contributors as well as the target groups they reach.
  • The Media Literacy ESG KPI highlights the percentage of projects and activities that help people use media proficiently. It is highly relevant to us, as it correlates closely with our core business.

Our measures are based on the Sustainable Development Goals img (SDGs) of the United Nations. We have listed the activities with which we are pursuing SDGs in an overview.