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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Promoting media literacy and democratic competence

We have made it our mission to promote the safe and competent use of digital media – and the ability to use them in line with basic democratic values. We are therefore advocating trust and opinion forming online through a variety of projects and initiatives. We also provide updates about the responsible and critical use of media on our Group website and in our sustainability magazine “We Care”.

Our focus for 2019 was “digital democracy”: What benefits does the digital world offer for political participation and opinion forming? Where is democracy threatened by what happens on the internet – for instance, through open or veiled populism, hate speech, fake news, and the manipulation of public opinion? In 2019, we reached many thousands of people with snackable content, discussion rounds, and workshops on the topic of “digital democracy,” at IFA in Berlin, for instance. We aim to raise awareness and highlight alternative courses of action, for example, on the question of how to identify fake news and how to apply this knowledge when using social media.

The Teachtoday initiative supports children, young people, parents, and grandparents as well as teaching professionals with hands-on tips and materials about safe, proficient media usage. It covers a wide range of issues from the areas of family, school, and recreation. The materials are available at in seven languages (German, English, Croatian, Montenegrin, Polish, Romanian, and Hungarian).

A media obstacle course also presents media use in a fun way. Topics such as play times, privacy, and cyberbullying are addressed at different stations.

Teachtoday also has its own YouTube channel with short catchy videos about safe, proficient internet use, data protection, and how truthful people are online. It includes interviews on children’s rights, conducted on World Children’s Day 2019.

The Scroller children’s media magazine is geared specifically to children aged nine to twelve to improve their media literacy. It is available in both an interactive web version and a free print format.

At the National Youth Conference “Medien 2019” in Rostock in March 2019, “Teachtoday” presented materials that media scouts can use in their schools. More than 300 “media scouts” took part: they are specially trained young people who advise their fellow students on how to use the internet. 

#TAKEPART Stories (#DABEI-Geschichten) is a Deutsche Telekom initiative that addresses socially relevant digitalization topics in a practical way and turns them into opportunities for disseminators. The initiative highlights potential for participation and responsible conduct on the internet and aims to encourage a critical discussion with these options. Our goal is to provide ideas for the responsible use of digital media and to promote them so that participation in the digital space can succeed. In this way, the initiative contributes to our #TAKEPART campaign.The material can be used for self-study, but is also suitable for disseminators working with learner groups. The team uses innovative, didactically effective formats to develop the material together with modern technologies in the form of modules. Ten modules are available in German and English, as well as in simple language. No matter how complex a topic is, we think it’s important to leave it up to the user to determine whether it’s important for them. We ensure appropriate linguistic and didactic preparation of the material.

At #TAKEPART Stories you will also find information about Digital Friendship and opinion making on the internet. In 2019 we published two new modules on the topics “Living in the city of the future” and “Digital democracy”.
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The Deutsche Telekom Stiftung is committed to better education in STEM img subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), with numerous programs and projects . It does so because it is convinced that a modern education system must give young people the best possible preparation for meeting global challenges such as digital transformation, climate change, electromobility, and biodiversity.

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