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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Financial commitment and sponsorships

In Germany we are involved in the fields of sport, culture, and social issues. The national companies are also engaged in these areas. In addition to providing funding, we help artists, athletes, event organizers, and associations with their communication and marketing activities. The Sponsorship Policy provides the framework for sponsoring activities. Being involved in the regions where we are based is another important aspect. Examples of our involvement include:

  • Music sponsorship
  • Theater funding
  • Competitive sport sponsorship with partners such as the DFB (German Football Association), FC Bayern Munich, Telekom Baskets Bonn, and Deutsche Sporthilfe, DFB's Sepp Herberger Foundation, and the German National Paralympic Committee
  • Recreational sport sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of social activities associated with partnerships

Additional information on the sponsoring activities of Deutsche Telekom AG is available here.

Corporate giving
Through our corporate giving program, we support the work of aid organizations worldwide – preferably in the form of long-standing partnerships – and provide rapid assistance in disaster situations. Our Group Donation Policy lays out the guidelines for these activities.