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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach to trustworthy interaction on the internet

Our contribution to the SDGs

The Initiative D21, Germany’s largest charitable network for the digital society, sponsored by Deutsche Telekom, and its Digital Index 2018/2019, confirmed that the degree of digitalization in Germany has continued to rise compared to last year. The index shows that the proportion of people outside the digital bubble has dropped by 4 percent since 2017. Over the same period, the group of people at the leading edge of digital progress has grown by three percent. Nonetheless, there are still major differences between various sections of the population. Having access to modern information technologies is the basis for the ability to participate in the knowledge and information society.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, background or education, can participate in digital society. That is why we are continuing to rapidly expand our infrastructure and improve transmission speeds with new, secure technology. At the same time, we use our social initiatives to reduce potential obstacles to ICT img use. We develop our own offers and support partner initiatives with our expertise in this area. In doing so, we always set specific targets – whether for ourselves or in collaboration with our partners.

As we work toward giving as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in the digital world, we set the following focal points for our commitment:

Reliable partner in the digital world

Creating awareness
Supporting implementation
Strengthening skills
Creating awareness

 We have taken on the task of driving forward the social discussion on digital responsibility. To do this, we participate in various alliances and partnerships such as the “Corporate Digital Responsibility” initiative run by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. We also want to work with our stakeholders to continue developing our guidelines for working responsibly with artificial intelligence, which we published in 2018. We emphasize our commitment as a member of the Charter of Digital Networking.

If the digitalization process is to succeed, it is vital that people have faith in the confidentiality of their personal data. Data protection and data security are top priorities for us. However, handling personal data with due care and attention is also an important element. We promote this approach through our online advice portal and a focus topic in our sustainability magazine “We Care”, for example. In addition, our website “Media, sure! But secure.” pools various initiatives with the aim of promoting responsible and critical interaction with media and to thereby improve participation of people in the digital world.In addition, we revised our Social Media principles in 2019 supporting our goal to ensure a respectful and appreciative dialogue both within the company and outside, as well as a communication culture that reflects this.

Supporting implementation

With our expertise, we support projects and initiatives that offer digital solutions for social challenges:

  • As part of our corporate volunteering activities, our employees participate in a wide range of projects. Additional information can be found here.
  • We are making a contribution to dementia research through the virtual reality game “Sea Hero Quest VR”.
  • We are supporting external initiatives, for instance through our membership of the association Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V. (DSiN – Making Germany Safe on the Net), which serves as a central point of contact for IT security and data protection issues.
  • As part of the “Telekom@School” initiative, we offer free broadband connections to schools throughout Germany in order to further improve access to modern information technologies. This gives children and young people the opportunity to learn how to use digital media irrespective of their family background.
  • We also offer special rates to enable low-income customers and people with disabilities to make phone calls and surf the web at reasonable prices. More than one million customers in Germany take advantage of these special plans each year.
Strengthening skills

“Teachtoday” is part of our initiative “Media, sure! But secure.” focused on promoting safe, proficient media use for children and young people, parents and teaching professionals and offers practical and everyday tips and materials. One example is the free children’s magazine “Scroller”. The children’s media magazine published by Deutsche Telekom’s Teachtoday initiative addresses important issues related to learning with digital media and encourages children to help shape the digital world themselves.

Our commitment also encompasses the following:

  • Code+Design Camps”: Young people attending these camps – who may or may not have any prior experience with programming – get to know new technologies and develop their skills under the guidance of professional mentors.
  • We support the Digitale Nachbarschaft (Digital Neighborhood) project, which trains people to volunteer as IT ambassadors.
  • We are involved in the Digital-Kompass (Digital Compass), which offers the association safe, straightforward, and free help to take advantage of digital opportunities. Workshops, manuals, webinars, and tutorials are offered.
  • In partnership with BAGSO, the German National Association of Senior Citizens’ Organizations), we promote media literacy among older people and also support the “Goldener Internetpreis” (Golden Internet Award) for competent internet users age 60 and up.
  • Along with four other foundations, the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung fosters the education and digitalization forum “Forum Bildung Digitalisierung” that aims to improve education and equal opportunities using digital media.
  • With #DABEI-Geschichten (#TAKEPART Stories), Deutsche Telekom invites users to address issues from the digital world in order to better understand them: from digital democracy and digital friendship to data protection and security – easy to understand, innovative, and full of tips! Suggestions and tips are offered for those working with learning groups. Documents are also available in simple language.

The Deutsche Telekom Stiftung carries out numerous initiatives and projects that cover the full range of institutional education and utilize countless activities and programs to boost achievement in STEM img subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

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