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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach to employee relations

Our contribution to the SDGs

We pursue dialog-oriented employee relations throughout the Group and engage in trust-based, constructive collaboration with employee representatives and unions. The works councils, central works councils, and Group Works Council represent the interests of our employees at our Group in Germany. 

Our partner representing the employees’ interests on a European level is the European Works Council (EWC). We also have executive staff representation committees and disabled employee representatives at the unit, company, and Group levels. 

As the underlying laws and contracts vary from country to country, codetermination matters are managed locally together with trade unions and employees’ representatives. Group management is involved in all major issues as a matter of principle. 

We have set Group-wide standards for managing employee relations. These were formalized in our Guiding Principles and our Group’s Employee Relations Policy. You can find comprehensive information about conduct in relation to human rights at our Group in the Human rights section.