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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Reviewed: Employee relations at our national companies

What progress have our national companies been making in implementing our Employee Relations Policy? We examine this issue by means of special reviews. Two to three national companies are subject to such a review each year. They use the results to further improve their relations with employees. The reviews also help us conduct a Group-wide assessment of employer/employee relations and any human rights risks involved in our business activities.

If necessary, we formulate additional measures, including a “Human Rights Impact Assessment and Engagement”, a process for estimating the actual and potential effects of business activities on human rights. The process also assesses the ability of the organization to prevent, mitigate, or eliminate these effects altogether. Since 2019, we have been holding local workshops to provide training on and raise awareness of human rights issues. In 2019, we conducted such an assessment at T-Systems India. In the reporting period, we also conducted employee relations policy reviews at T-Mobile Poland and Deutsche Telekom Außendienst GmbH. We publish the detailed results on our website.