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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Dialog and cooperation with employee representatives

We negotiated and adopted over 150 agreements in 2019 through constructive dialog with our works councils. 

Two key transformation projects we conducted in 2019 in close coordination with the works councils were the organizational measures “Technology & Innovation 2018” and “T-Systems Transformation”. 

In addition, 85 collective agreements were concluded with the union ver.di during the year. Apart from the collective bargaining agreements, the focus in 2019 was on concluding arrangements on harmonizing the Group’s remuneration systems as far as possible. 

Collective bargaining plays an important role and has a long tradition at our company. The percentage of employees covered by collective agreements is published in the non-financial statement in our Annual Report.

Constructive dialog
As the underlying laws and contracts vary from country to country, codetermination matters are managed locally with trade unions and employees’ representatives. Group management is involved in all major issues as a matter of principle. Information is available in the 2019 Annual Report.