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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach to health and occupational safety

Our contribution to the SDGs

The Board of Management assumes overall responsibility for occupational health and safety, and environmental protection. We combine and control our programs for “Safety and Health at Work” at Group level; health and safety managers are responsible for implementing these programs locally. The general responsibilities, duties, and programs for health and safety management are outlined in the Health & Safety Environment handbook. The handbook serves to harmonize and align our management systems with common targets across the Group.

Occupational health and safety is effectively incorporated into our structures via certified management systems and appropriate policies and guidelines. The basis for this is the ISO 45001 standard. We were one of the first DAX companies to have our health and safety management systems certified according to ISO 45001. By the end of the reporting year, 92 German and international locations were audited according to ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. Their certification was renewed in all cases.

We support our employees in maintaining and promoting their health with a host of target-audience-specific measures and extensive programs. At the same time, safety in the workplace is our highest priority. We view occupational health and safety legislation as minimum requirements. Awareness-raising, prevention, and individual responsibility are our top priorities. Our portfolio of occupational health and safety measures also includes a wide range of voluntary measures to promote health within the company.

These include, for example:

  • An annual, comprehensive health check by the company doctor
  • Vaccinations and hygiene measures
  • Bowel cancer screening    
  • Seminars on recuperation ability, health-oriented leadership
  • Online training on health and occupational safety
  • Driver safety training