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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Psychosocial counseling as part of change management

Psychosocial counseling for transformation processes by the Employee and Executive Advisory Service plays an important role throughout Deutsche Telekom AG. The goal is to help affected employees, managers and teams deal with professional and private changes, and prevent psychosocial crises.

To this end, we offer free and anonymous individual counseling and consultation hours. Once they are registered, employees can take advantage of personal counseling sessions. They can receive immediate telephone advice via the TALKTIME hotline and, if necessary, will be put straight through to local experts or specialist offices. The counselors have a duty to maintain confidentiality and are familiar with the specifics of the company.

We also support specialists and managers with appropriate tools, such as presentations and workshops on the topics of “Change”, “Addressing change constructively”, “Shaping change successfully” and coping with psychological stress factors. We provide specific information about the availability of these services at the locations affected by change processes. 

Transformation programs such as “Shaping the future” at DT Technik GmbH not only lead to changes in the organization of the companies, but also alter the duties and ways of working. This can result in stressful situations for the employees. The focus of our psychosocial counseling services in 2019 was therefore on the impact of the transformation programs. Another issue was the transformation into an agile organization. Various training modules were held for managers to prepare them for their changed leadership roles.

Necessary restructuring activities also led to site closures during the reporting period. Employees often took the resulting change of location as an opportunity to take advantage of individual counseling.