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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Socially responsible staff restructuring

Against the backdrop of digitalization and the associated changes, we must secure our future viability and competitiveness in the long term. This process is connected to complex staff restructuring. We are creating new jobs in growth fields and are training qualified personnel to fill these positions. Other areas are the focus of restructuring activities involving workforce reduction. We make sure that all restructuring measures are implemented in a socially responsible way for our employees. In doing so, we support them in the best way possible on our journey to a digitalized working world. 

The personnel service provider Vivento has provided support for implementing staff restructuring at Deutsche Telekom in Germany for many years. Since 2013, Vivento has been exclusively responsible for providing support and placement services for civil servants. In 2019, the focus was primarily on transfers of civil servants to the Customs Office, the armed forces, and the Federal Central Tax Office. Employees were assisted in finding positions with federal, state, and local administrative authorities.  321 civil servants (FTE) employed at Deutsche Telekom in Germany opted for a permanent transfer to federal, state, or local authorities in 2019. Since Vivento was established 16 years ago, it has helped more than 52,000 employees (FTE; as at December 31, 2019) to gain a new role.

Surplus staff have been looked after for several years in the segments, including T-Systems or Telekom Deutschland: the segments offer a special consulting concept for professional reorientation. Employees are accompanied and supported holistically from an early stage in their change process with the aim of finding permanent new employment.