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  • 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

New structure

In 2019, we restructured our CR Report to satisfy the requirements of modern-day CR reporting: 

  • On our homepage, we contribute to societal discourse by tapping into the latest societal debates and examining them from different perspectives in descriptive stories. This content is also available in simplified language. In addition, we keep users on our homepage up to date about important events and activities in short news articles.
  • Our new themed pages appeal to a wide readership, explaining our CR topics in clear, easy-to-understand language and taking readers through the four societal trends of “Good stewardship”, “New ways of working”, “Digital life”, and “Green future.” 
  • Users can find detailed information in the “Management & facts” section, in which we fulfill the requirements for conventional accountability reporting. Across the four pillars of Strategy, Business, Environment, and Social, we provide updates about the advances we have made in the reporting year by harnessing Deutsche Telekom’s sustainability management structure. By breaking these pillars down into further subcategories, we are able to address topics in specific detail. With regard to key topics, “Our approach” additionally explains our management system. Our key performance indicators (KPIs) are set out in transparent detail. In our interactive KPI img tool, users can also pick and choose indicators to create a customized compilation. Our “Management & facts” section is particularly targeted at CR experts and the capital market.
  • The majority of our national companies whose CR activities are described in this report have their own profile page. The profile pages can be found under the “National companies” menu option. Some of our national companies also provide information about their CR efforts on their internet portals and in their own publications. 
  • The report is supplemented by the “CR facts” format, which individual Deutsche Telekom departments use to report directly on their sustainability-related projects and measures. Readers can directly access the “CR facts” section at any time by clicking the footer in the report.  
  • As in previous years, a download area, search and dialog functions, and an interactive KPI tool make it even easier to navigate the report. What’s more, the info cart lets readers select different content and create a customized PDF file..