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Green Pioneers in Germany

Internal sustainability ambassadors around the world are dedicated to promoting a sustainable corporate culture. In doing so, they are helping us to implement our “we care for our planet” environmental program. The internal “Green Pioneers” ambassador program was launched in Germany in 2018. Its aim is to further promote and expand responsible management and conduct among the workforce. We make room to support this – for example, by offering flexible working models available to all employees, such as the 80:20” model and “job visits”. In addition to their core activities, our employees can also gain cross-departmental experience and apply their knowledge and skills. For example, the Green Pioneers take advantage of these opportunities to work on sustainability activities.

The Group Corporate Responsibility (GCR) department creates suitable conditions for the Green Pioneers’s work. Community Management, which is part of GCR, organizes regular virtual and in-person meetings to share information and experience, offers internal and external expert talks, and helps plan activities. It also provides up-to-date information about the initiative on the internal social network You and Me (YAM). At the end of 2020, the Green Pioneers area on YAM had 1,100 active followers. The initiative has gained increasing attention and followers among our employees.

There are now 260 Green Pioneers in Germany. Active at 45 locations and in more than 20 departments, they seek out improvement potential and initiate appropriate measures. Depending on their location, interests and know-how, the Green Pioneers come together to form subject-related or regional “hubs”. They act as internal multipliers for change by motivating employees to be involved in numerous resource conservation campaigns, such as an exchange for office supplies, clothing exchange campaigns, tree-planting and waste collection campaigns, and an internal company ride-sharing agency. Green Pioneer representatives are also involved in all “we care for our planet” workstreams.

Green employee networks at our national companies

Numerous employee initiatives aimed at sustainability and environmental protection are also active at the national companies of Deutsche Telekom AG:

T-Mobile US (USA)
There’s an online sustainability community in the United States. Around 50 employees regularly discuss and keep up-to-date on T-Mobile’s environmental initiatives through an online forum. The “Huddle Up Volunteer Grants” program encourages T-Mobile employees nationwide to form small teams in support of youth-oriented NGOs through volunteer activities. Teams can apply to the T-Mobile Foundation for a 5,000 U.S. dollar grant to support their youth projects. In 2020, the program awarded 214,500 U.S. dollars for employee volunteer projects before it had to pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The program will continue in 2021.

T-Mobile Polska (Poland)
T-Mobile’s Green Community in Poland has implemented a variety of measures and organized activities under the “we care for our planet” program. It published the “We Care Guide”, a short guide for employees about small changes to their daily habits that can have a sustainable effect. An idea contest inspired employees to reflect on sustainable ideas, and more than 30 ideas for more sustainability in everyday life were distinguished and included in the “We Care Guide”. For four weeks, “Eco Fridays” offered workshops and courses on recycling, zero waste, sustainable cosmetics and cleaning products, and discussions with experts about the environmental impact of new technology. New recycling bins were installed in the offices that encouraged waste sorting and provided releveant tips. As part of the “Save Energy” and “Save Water” campaigns, more than 500 stickers were distributed at headquarters to encourage the sparing use of resources among employees.

T-Mobile Netherlands (Netherlands)
In 2019, T-Mobile Netherlands created a committed employee community to engage as many people as possible in recycling, efficiency, and the circular economy. Three teams were set up that are jointly responsible for developing a long-term vision, setting annual targets, formulating action plans to achieve these targets, and inspiring other employees to join them. Among them is a group of “ambassadors” – employees who work to improve resource conservation in the work environment.

T-Systems ITC Iberia (Spain)
Founded by T-Systems ITC Iberia at the end of 2019, the T-OGETHER community started its work at the beginning of 2020. T-OGETHER is a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting sustainable initiatives. At the heart of this community is the executive committee, currently consisting of ten dedicated employees. They are supported by an internal advisory committee made up of environmental, corporate responsibility, and communications experts. The aim of T-OGETHER is to develop ideas for sustainability in line with the company’s ecological and social goals, and to raise awareness of environmental issues among all employees. The members develop initiatives and propose them to the company management. Once an initiative and budget have been approved, the board of management initiates the implementation. There are now commissions on waste reduction and mobility. Both commissions contribute to meeting the goals of the T-Systems CR strategy.

IT Services Hungary (Hungary)
At IT-Services Hungary, the “ITSH Environmentally Conscious Club” community aims to raise awareness among employees in order to reduce electricity, water and paper consumption, and promote more effective use of the vehicle fleet and waste recycling. In addition, IT-Services Hungary is currently in the process of establishing an internal environmental network to make it easier for employees to connect with their colleagues regarding environmental concerns and ideas.

OTE Group (Greece)
The “Green Ambassadors”, a team of employee volunteers, were established in 2019. Ten members of the Corporate Communications Department work to create a green culture, inspire OTE Group employees, collect ideas and provide information about projects such as #ZEROPLASTIC and recycling programs. Since 2019, more than 2,000 employees from nine departments have undergone 75 training sessions on #ZEROPLASTIC and recycling programs.

Magyar Telekom (Hungary)
Magyar Telekom was the first company in Hungary to introduce the “Community Solar Project” in 2019. As part of the project, 100 Magyar Telekom employees could rent a solar panel from the company for one year. As a reward for their contribution to Deutsche Telekom’s climate protection activities, the donors received benefits such as an additional day off. The solar modules were installed on our training building; the energy generated is used on site. The panels cover a quarter of the building’s energy consumption. The project was continued in 2020: Within a record time of about 38 minutes, all the solar panels had been rented.

Other national companies committed to a more sustainable corporate culture include:

  • T-Systems Singapore: Similar to the Green Pioneers in Germany, there are 20 change agents in Singapore dedicated to sustainability.
  • T-Systems Mexico: The “Count on Me Committee” in Mexico, with around 20 active members and 100 temporary supporters, organizes long-term, sustainable projects that provide solutions to various social problems thanks to the employees involved and their links to NGOs.
  • DTSE Europe: The DTSE Green Pioneers team motivates employees to participate in environmental activities (e.g., volunteering, workshops, etc.) and identifies opportunities for sustainable improvements within the company.
  • Deutsche Telekom IT RUS and T-Systems RUS (Russia): The “Think Green” community with a core team of seven employees is committed to reducing plastic, recycling, and promoting a “green corporate culture”.
  • Employee communities are also active or in the process of being established at other national companies such as T-Mobile Czech Republic, Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia), Magenta Austria, T-Systems Limited (United Kingdom), Crnogorski Telekom (Montenegro), and Telekom Romania.

To find out more about the involvement of their employees and corporate responsibility in our national companies, please visit the relevant profiles.