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Osmar Polo
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We have a committed board of management that supports the group-wide CR strategy on various levels. We report our progress in CR in an annual sustainability report which has inspired other business areas to develop a number of projects (T-Mercabarna, ODS, etc.). Our targets are captured on the company's dashboard. Some highlights are presented below:

  • We have a Corporate Environmental Protection Plan 2019-2020 with the strategic axes CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, renewable efficiency, circular efficiency, sustainable products, and responsible chain.
  • The company concluded an agreement with its energy marketer providing a guarantee of origin for the year 2020. The guarantee certifies that this energy comes exclusively from 100 percent renewable sources avoiding CO2 emissions.
  • All the electricity consumed for production of cooling water since 2019 came from renewable sources with certificates of origin for electricity, so that no CO2 emissions were produced in 2020.
  • In December 2019, T-Systems Iberia proposed that all national employees who were interested and concerned about creating a more sustainable world should join commissions taking action to achieve our goals. This included the Climate Protection Strategy 2030-2050 and society as a whole. In January 2020, our people raised their hands and T-OGETHER was born.
  • Circular economy: Since 2012 we have been reusing equipment returned by users. In 2018, 531 laptops and 62 desktops were reused, reducing waste production by965 kg. In addition, usb mobile terminals are also reused, reducing waste by 50 kg.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

T-Systems ITC Iberia is recognized as a trusted ICT img partner with a strong position in the field of business digitalization. T-Systems Iberia has been developing this role over the past 15 years under the motto “Let's power higher performance" in Connectivity, Digital, Cloud & Infrastructure and Security, and the company is now the leading provider of Cloud computing img solutions in Spain. Innovation and co-creation are two pillars of our corporate culture. We have made investments and opened an Advanced Cybersecurity Center and an Innovation Center in Spain. T-Systems also has the largest modular CPD in Europe located at Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona) with maximum security standards.

Number of customers   707
Number of employees   170
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001
Certifications   ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
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Local CR reports  

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Awards and memberships

July 2020

  • First Prize at the internal level of T-Systems Iberia in the category: "#successinfrontofthecustomer"
  • Recognition where nominations were presented at the individual or team level in 5 different categories. In this case there were a total of 61 nominees for all the different categories (#successinfrontofthecustomer... T-Mercabarna Team (74 likes), #innovationacrossourcompany... Team of SmartCities, Ideation & Co-creation img and Workplace & Collaboration (23 likes), #operationalexcellenceacrossourcompany... Miquel VILAMAJO (54 likes), #growingprideinourcompany... David Isern (35 likes), #learnfromfailures... OSYOPS team (UNIX and UNIX CRITICS) (30 likes)

August 2020

  • First prize at the Cross Collaboration Award Q2/2020 at the level of T-Systems International, where a total of 23 projects from different countries were presented and where we were among the six most voted finalists. Among these six most voted, each project was presented in front of T-Systems International's ExCom and we were in the first position
  • Award in which all activities that demonstrate special customer orientation could be nominated. This ranged from jointly won agreements to particularly challenging situations, such as incidents and escalations. Projects that would have used innovative methods such as Design Thinking or Outward Mindset Coaching as well as Agile managed projects could also be included. These were not only projects with external clients, but also internal projects that would have achieved added real value through teamwork.

September 2020

  • First place at the BizBarcelona award in the category: "Collaboration or shared initiative"
  • T-Systems and Mercabarna won one of the awards in the category 'Collaboration or shared initiative' of the awards 'Barcelona never stops', which were held this year in the BizBarcelona salon. These awards recognize the work done by citizens, entrepreneurs, SMEs and organizations to maintain economic, social or cultural activity during COVID-19.

October 2020

  • First place at the EnerTIC Award in the category: "Industry 4.0 img"
  • The EnerTIC Awards are an initiative that with joint commitment permits identification, reward and dissemination of success stories and good practices, which serve as a beacon to advance and raise awareness of the opportunities offered by the digitization of cities, industries, data centers, etc. Out of the 15 categories that encompass these awards, T-Mercabarna Solidaria was presented in the Category of Industry 4.0. We received the most votes in this category compared to the two projects presented by Vodafone and SEAT.

January 2021

  • Third Prize at the Telekom Team Award, category "I am T, count on me!
  • The Telekom Team Award is an international award from across Telekom in six different categories. 276 teams from 21 countries presented their entries in all six award categories. 126 experts evaluated the presented projects to select the final teams. More than 15 000 employees voted for their favorites to determine the final ranking.

Gijón-In: AERO-PULSE city management platform

T-Systems Iberia has developed the AERO-PULSE intelligent city management platform. You can use this platform to manage different services in the city. One of these services is lighting, which has also been developed by T-Systems Iberia. The city of Gijón has entrusted T-Systems Iberia with the maintenance, hosting and operation in the Cloud of this platform for the next 15 years. This demonstrates our ability to advance Smart services and our commitment to sustainability in our customers over the coming years as well as the confidence that our dedication and experience generates in our customers.

Environmental Management Program

We have a Corporate Environmental Protection Plan 20192020 with the strategic axes CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, renewable efficiency, circular efficiency, sustainable products, and responsible chain. Our Environmental Management Program pursues the following goals:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions of 20 percent compared to 2008
  • Increase/maintain the use of 100 percent renewable energy: Ensure recruitment of marketers with the required percentages
  • Reducing paper consumption in travel liquidations (4 000 sheets): Empowering system implementation of ticket scanning
  • Increase in reuse of amortized computer equipment (80 percent): Program is currently running
  • Promotion of initiatives to minimize waste and reduce waste hazards: Definition and implementation of waste policy
  • Visibility and quantification of the environmental benefits of the portfolio: Identification of portfolio solutions that have a positive impact on the environment
  • Introduction and improvement of procedures for hiring responsible suppliers: Supplier evaluation and new company tool as a source of information and definition of an indicator


  • The company concluded an agreement with its energy marketer with a guarantee of origin for the year 2019. This means that this energy comes exclusively from 100 percent renewable sources and avoids CO2 emissions.
  • All the electricity consumed for production of cooling water since 2019 came from renewable sources with certificates of origin for electricity, so that no CO2 emissions are produced
  • Low-carbon society img: Program to promote environmental awareness, sensible energy consumption, use of 100 percent renewable energy and the establishment of an environmental commission
  • Introduction of the T-OGEHTER Environmental Commission, which has initiated the following activities:
    • Replacing plastic products with paper ones
    • Analysis and R&D for replacement of compostable container to ensure the quality of the product for consumption, and storage in transfers
    • Initiative against food waste: Too good to go (
    • Use of biodegradable cutlery, bags and napkins
    • Use of compostable vessels
    • Actions to minimize plastic generation and minimize waste in catering service at two of our offices

In 2020, COVID-19 particularly challenged us and also influenced our environmental program. We made huge efforts to protect our employees but this entailed a lot of waste produced by using masks, gloves and personal protective equipment in accordance with government regulations. We have therefore adapted our waste management and introduced new containers and new modified operations (collecting service, size, legal documentation, contracts with suppliers, etc.).

We care for our planet

T-Systems Iberia has been contributing to the idea behind the "Stop Wasting – Start Caring!" initiative since 2012 and this is now part of the we care for our planet program.

In 2012, we also started handing over redundant electrical and electronic equipment to Kapema. This company is committed to refurbishing and reselling this type of equipment. Employees at T-Systems are given top priority for the resale of any equipment. This scheme has greatly reduced the amount of waste. As of Q4 2020, 210 laptops and 28 desktops had been sold. This has exerted a significant impact on our environmental footprint through a reduction in waste by 2 275 kg (the reuse percentage was 80 percent at the end of Q4 2020).

These initiatives are part of the Corporate Environmental Protection Plan of T-Systems Iberia.

T-Mercabarna Solidaria

In the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, the Red Cross in Catalonia noted a dramatic increase in demand for food among families with fewer resources and the vulnerable population (homeless, unemployed, etc.) and experienced additional difficulties in meeting basic food needs. At the same time, Mercabarna and its wholesalers were faced with a mismatch in their supply/demand balance. They also had a surplus of perishable foods such as fruit and vegetables. In view of the food shortage and the forecast that this situation would worsen in the following weeks, the Red Cross asked for help.

The solution
T-Systems Iberia organized a 24-hour SOLIDARITY HACKATHON. This is a meeting of programmers in which 20 T-Systems developers were looking for a technological solution to speed up the process of delivering fresh food without interruption 24 hours a day. The team worked together, using an agile methodology with very short phases of work and using collaboration tools such as Webex and Teams to achieve close collaboration even though people had to work from home. In collaboration with Mercabarna, the APP T-Mercabarna Solidaria was designed to facilitate the collection and distribution of fresh food.

The app consists of a digital marketplace that "connects" the surplus supply from wholesale companies with social institutions such as the Red Cross and the logistics company that transports the food. This application allowed Mercabarna wholesalers to enter information about the products they could donate into the app, and before 8 a.m. the Red Cross could select them and plan their action. The interface connects to the transporters and before five o'clock in the afternoon on the same day they were already in the solidarity camps. This allowed supply and demand to be matched within very short periods of time (less than 12 hours).

The successes
More than 122 metric tons of food have been donated and sent to the Red Cross so far, and the application is still in use. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has highlighted this action as a worldwide example of how technology and digitalization (logistics process and inventory management) can help people in need in today's world. The project involved 30 employees of T-Systems Iberia and eight people from customers, transport, and NGOs.

The opportunistic combination of the two challenges made it possible to solve both successfully. This represents the realignment of the relationship between supply and demand in the new COVID -19 paradigm. The virtual solidarity market enables any not-for-profit organization – in this case the Red Cross – to access a bank of food available at Mercabarna and request delivery based on a list generated by the wholesalers. The application covers the minimum requirements in order to be able to respond to this need very quickly and cost-effectively. The application provides real-time information to facilitate decision-making, as well as specific, concrete data on the quantity of the product, volume of pallets, etc. Moreover, the application has been designed with the user in mind, making it very easy to adopt and use right from the start. The procedure is therefore greatly simplified and resources are conserved by not wasting food.

By promoting and supporting such initiatives, T-Systems Iberia has followed the responsible employer approach. Indirectly, the project has also promoted human rights in line with Article 25 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.


In January 2020, T-Systems Iberia launched the internal community T-OGETHER. This initiative is staffed by volunteers who are committed to implementing environmental and social goals. Within this framework, two separate commissions have been formed: Commission Environment (eight members) and Commission Society (four members).

We discuss progress on our internal employee network. The measures taken are presented in our community in a way that is visible to every employee. Employees can also contribute additional ideas and enter into an exchange with the participants taking part in the initiative.

The T-OGETHER initiative has four main responsibilities:

  1. Proposing initiatives to improve the social, sustainability and environmental performance of T-Systems Iberia. Initiatives must be linked to the fields of action of the company’s CR strategy:
    • Enabling a sustainable lifestyle in a digital world
    • Connecting the unconnected
    • Low carbon society
  2. Assessment and evaluation of all initiatives proposed in the monthly meeting with colleagues in the Group.
  3. Elaboration of the adopted initiatives with greater feasibility and their standardization in the same document.
  4. Sending the proposals to the T-OGETHER Group Executive Committee to analyze them and determine their feasibility for further submission to the T-Systems Iberia Executive Committee.

Tracking sustainability – one metric at a time with a T-Systems Dashboard solution

The Generalitat de Catalunya is the government of one of Spain’s leading regional economies. The Generalitat’s Department of Territory and Sustainability needed a way to track progress over time, compare data easily and gather the information necessary to target its sustainability efforts.

This is where the Smart City Dashboard from T-Systems comes in. It enables the government to call up the relevant key figures with a user-friendly interface. Naturally, one important target within the SDGs is air quality, which the Catalan Government measures at numerous stations around the region and then tracks on the Dashboard. The Generalitat also uses the solution to monitor changes in the proportion of green spaces within urban areas, rental prices across the region, traffic and transport flows, data on waste separation, and many other UN-defined sustainability metrics. This makes it easier to draw comparisons and identify where further efforts are needed. The solution offers not only the user interface, but also the platform behind it. It allows secure, traceable data exchange and analytics.

The project started in June 2020 and the first version of the dashboard will be ready for use by the end of the year. The project involves seven employees and an investment of EUR 91 000. We are still in the development phase, but we are meeting expectations by combining data and information from different sources into a single scorecard (look & feel de la Generalitat), and delivering values and aligning them with sustainable development objectives. This enables us to evaluate the degree of compliance with the SDGs and the degree of success of the various commitments and actions undertaken by the client. In addition, the project provides the opportunity to track progress over time, easily compare data, and gather the necessary information to manage your sustainability efforts in a targeted manner. This also creates a basis for analysis and decision-making.

Port of Barcelona, or how to reduce CO2 emissions in routine work every day

The port of Barcelona is making progress in digitization to optimize its logistics processes. The challenge is to achieve rapid implementation of the innovation plan and the PoC (proof of concept). This includes the following aspects:

  • Establishing an office to implement and monitor the Innovation Plan based on several Cloud Proofs of Concept
  • Prediction of the waiting time of trucks entering the port: Determination of the actual waiting time at the access points to the BEST and APMT platforms and a forecast for the next two hours.
  • Real-time data source input and processing

The solution:  Use Case: Machine Learning

  • Establish a computing platform for a fast PoC deployment, as well as service reuse through container technologies.
  • PoC for platform waiting time: data input and processing from IKUSI and Virtual Door systems.
  • PoC of platform waiting time: in the next steps new data sources like video or DSS are added to improve the model accuracy

Benefits: Value for the client:

  • Carrying out agile Proofs of Concept
  • Management of truck access to the port, to avoid traffic jams and long waiting time. The reduction of traffic results in a decrease of CO2 emissions.
  • Control of truck entry and stay times in the port area