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New ways of working – from the start

Someone starting off their working life at Deutsche Telekom may be surprised to discover that we have a pretty modern approach to work. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom is pursuing agile working practices and attitudes. Our teams form “tribes” and “squads” to collaborate across several departments on very clearly defined tasks, such as developing new products. This approach also works on a virtual basis, with teams at different sites in Germany, across the whole of Europe, and even worldwide working together. For us, “agility” also means dealing differently with hierarchies. As part of our agile approach to work, we make decisions together, as a team, with departmental boundaries becoming more fluid and employees getting the opportunity to use their skills in different areas. Sound exciting? Find out more on the New world of work page.

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Inclusive and equitable quality education

Our comprehensive training and development program supports the fourth goal of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

Learning to learn

Over the course of our lives, many of us will have more than one career or move on from organizational units where we have learned how everything works. This is why it is crucial to continuously refresh our know-how and adapt to new requirements. In order to keep step with this shift, our approach begins right at job entry. After all, only those who learn how to learn right from the beginning are truly equipped for the future. We give our apprentices and junior employees the tools they need to be able to keep on facing new challenges throughout their professional lives.

Where can I start here?

Get on board, take off: We offer school and university students and junior employees many opportunities to pursue a career and contribute to our digital future. The following entry-level opportunities are available in Germany:

Internships for school students

A student internship at Deutsche Telekom gives students a behind-the-scenes insight into an international corporate group and shows them how we work and what we are working on.


Whether industrial business administrator, IT specialist or IT systems management administrator, we offer school students entry-level opportunities in twelve different training careers at 35 different training sites.

Dual study program

Is spending all your time at the office not enough – and all your time at university too theoretical? With a dual study program at Bachelor’s or Master’s level, beginners can combine the two. In the end, they have both professional experience and a degree in their pocket.

Trainee program

Our trainees choose the area they want to focus on themselves, work independently on challenging projects and, in so doing, lay the best foundation for subsequently taking on a position of responsibility.

Direct entry

Reach your goal with no detours – you can with our direct entry. Graduates can join one of our departments directly and get involved immediately in shaping the digital future.

Female junior employees

We offer our female junior employees special training programs and exciting networking opportunities, such as the first AI hackathon for women. We present the “Women’s STEM Award” to honor outstanding final theses.

Development opportunities

We offer our junior employees numerous opportunities for further development: From part-time study programs to the first leadership position, anything is possible!

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom currently offers approximately 2,150 training places each year, giving numerous young people an opportunity to start their career with a high-quality dual apprenticeship or dual study program. After completing their training, these young people have an extremely good chance of finding a job in the Group, particularly in the technical and IT departments. However, they are also in high demand as specialists on the labor market outside the Group.

Digital is important

Digital learning – it’s an obvious element in our training. We equip our apprentices and dual students with modern notebooks and smartphones, and support them with various digital learning formats. The “TelTec” platform has been designed specifically for our learners. They can use it to plan and document the next steps in their individual learning process. That way, they learn from the outset how to skillfully handle digital tools.

Open to all

Getting started in a career can sometimes be bumpy. After all, we don’t all begin with the same opportunities and backgrounds. We have developed special programs and options for applicants who have to overcome particular hurdles at the start of their career.

Disadvantaged young people

“My chance to get going”: Since 2009, we have been preparing disadvantaged young people for an apprenticeship at Deutsche Telekom under this heading. Since the project was launched, 487 out of 718 interns have started an apprenticeship with us.

Single parents

Since 2011, we have been collaborating with the German Federal Employment Agency to offer single parents the opportunity to complete a part-time apprenticeship or cooperative study program.

How we reach out to talented people – digital with a personal touch

To attract talented individuals, we make intensive use of digital channels in our communications. We also adopt a personal approach online. We offer applicants a global job search platform and international standards in our selection processes. This approach, which we describe as “digital with a personal touch”, is central to our entire recruiting strategy. One example of this is our presence in the global business network LinkedIn. The “Personalized Candidate Experience” project centers on using potential candidates’ personal LinkedIn profiles to ensure they specifically find the jobs that are relevant to them and match their interests and skills. Since 2020, these people have been able to use a contact button on LinkedIn to talk directly to our recruiters without having to make any commitments. Similarly, our recruiters can also contact them directly and personally. Our landing page publishes the latest news about Deutsche Telekom and provides information on a range of aspects such as our corporate culture. It also features employee stories, in which our employees offer exciting insights into what working life with potential future colleagues could be like. All the same, we still value direct and personal contact, for instance at trade fairs, networking meet-ups, and other events.

Campustour 2020

In 2020, our Campustour took place in a digital format. Each year, our Campustour CMD+O takes us directly to students at universities so we can show them what Deutsche Telekom does and how we are shaping the future. CMD+O@digital hosted virtual workshops and presentations on captivating topics related to the digital world, giving IT experts, young professionals, and students space to implement their own projects, make valuable contacts, and expand their horizons.

Moreover, our entire application process has now been digitalized – from the first interview, through telephone or video conferences, to the digital assessment center. This helps us save time and protect the environment, since less traveling is required.

Simply outstanding

We have received various awards for our achievements as an employer and training provider:

Trendence ranking

In the Trendence ranking for young IT professionals, we raised our image as an employer among the target group of young IT professionals four places, to 19th out of 100.

Best employer for women

Brigitte magazine declared us one of the best employers for women in 2020 – we received four out of a possible five stars.

Potentialpark study

In the 2020 Potentialpark study, we came a very strong overall third for our online communication with applicants across all four subcategories of “career website”, “mobile”, “online application”, and “social media”.

Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis (German Human Resources Award)

Our #IWILLNOTSTOP recruiting campaign won second place in the “Recruiting” category of the German Human Resources Award.

Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation (German Award for Online Communication)

Our Career Matcher put us among the top five in the 2020 German Award for Online Communication.

FOX Award

The online edition of our youth magazine “reif” was recognized for its efficient, digital communication concept when it was given a gold FOX Award. The analog version proved to be a winner, too, with the poster-format magazine taking home a silver FOX Award.