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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement and management

We want to make our contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For us, that also includes continuously improving the positive impact of our products, solutions, and activities, and minimize their negative impact. With the support of internal and external experts, we have developed a five-tiered approach to measure and evaluate the impact of our activities – our blueprint as it were.

The blueprint enables us to identify the impact of projects, products, or activities on key ecological, social, and economic issues. On this basis, we can determine, for example, how a product needs to be modified. We look at the impact for both the starting point and the target situation, in other words, once the product has been modified. This allows us to evaluate the change. To obtain transparent and comparable results, we describe the effects of the contributions using established metrics and with the aid of external frameworks such as the SDGs and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That allows us to also evaluate our contributions to sustainable development from a global perspective. In doing so, we always ensure that our methods are based on robust data and assumptions, and are effective for several years. We also describe the relevant starting point, or baseline, as accurately as possible so that we can reliably evaluate and account for the concrete external impact. We use the results for internal management and communication to investors, business customers and other interested parties.

In the past years, we have carried out the impact measurement described for various products and activities. The qualitative and quantitative results are presented in the following sections.

How we are enhancing our impact measurement
Impact measurement is a strategic topic at Deutsche Telekom. Group Corporate Responsibility (GCR) is continuously refining our existing approach to impact measurement, our blueprint, taking internal and external requirements into account. In 2021, we plan to make our methodology accessible to a wider group of users at the Group. We will also closely and systematically link our #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta labels to the implementation of an impact measurement in accordance with the blueprint. This will make the proven impact of our products, solutions, and activities on the SDGs and other sustainability goals known to a wider public.