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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement: Broadband expansion beneficial in the long term

Broadband expansion allows us to make a positive impact on many aspects of society and help deliver the following SDGs:

  • Improved network coverage (SDGs 9 and 17) can help create new jobs, as a growing number of new businesses are established, for instance (SDG 8). This will also lead to higher average incomes and gross domestic product.
  • Network expansion is the foundation for many other positive effects, such as improved and more equal access to digital services in the educational and health care field, for example (SDGs 3, 4 and 10).

However, network expansion also has negative consequences:

  • On an intermittent and one-off basis, the civil engineering works that have to be undertaken to expand infrastructure consume resources, generate emissions, and sometimes infringe on natural habitats.
  • The expansion of higher-performance network infrastructure can lead to increased energy demand.

To mitigate these effects, we are expanding our network in an energy-efficient manner and increasingly using renewable energy (SDG 7), which means that, in the long term, the positive impacts will outweigh the negative consequences.