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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Holistic compliance management system

Our contribution to the SDGs

We have clearly expressed our commitment to complying with ethical principles and both legal and statutory requirements. This commitment has been incorporated in our Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is valid throughout the Group and has been introduced in all of our national companies.

At Deutsche Telekom, compliance means following the rules and always doing the right thing. Integrity – which necessarily encompasses compliance – forms the basis of all our business decisions and activities. It defines the behavior of all our employees when dealing with customers, employees, investors, managers, and Deutsche Telekom’s general environment.

We have set up a holistic compliance management system to ensure lawful and ethical conduct in all areas of the Group and successfully tackle compliance risks. Responsibility for the compliance management system at Deutsche Telekom lies with top management, which underscores the great importance we attach to the topic. The Group-wide design, development, and implementation of the compliance management system falls under the remit of the CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) of Deutsche Telekom AG and the Group Compliance Management unit she runs. We also have COs (compliance officers) at each of our operating segments and national companies It is their job to ensure the compliance management system and our compliance goals are implemented on site.

We have derived the following objectives for our compliance work:

  • Preventing compliance violations and unethical business decisions
  • Integrating compliance into business processes at an early stage and on a lasting basis
  • Minimizing liability risks for the company
  • Being viewed as a dependable partner by customers and business partners
  • Adopting a consistent approach to preventing, identifying, and responding to non-compliance
  • Fostering a compliance culture and ethical conduct

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