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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Measures to strengthen our corporate culture

Since 2016, our “Compliance-based Corporate Culture” initiative has reinforced ethical and moral conduct and an active speak-up culture at the Group.

Various measures were derived from our 2018 and 2019 employee surveys; these were rolled out across the Group in 2020 based on the advice and support of independent external experts and institutes.

Further development of the Compliance organization
Deutsche Telekom’s market environment is constantly shifting – and the working world at Deutsche Telekom is also changing rapidly. This is coupled with the need to constantly adjust the range of duties covered by Compliance and keep the knowledge of Compliance employees up to date. To prepare our Compliance organization for the increasingly digital and agile developments in the working world, we launched the “Compliance Next Level” initiative in 2020. The vision of the initiative is closely linked to Deutsche Telekom’s strategic evolution into a purpose-driven company and the redesign of its Guiding Principles. The “Respect and Integrity” Guiding Principle plays a particularly important role in this. Every employee at Deutsche Telekom – from the Board of Management to staff member – is expected to implement these Guiding Principles in their daily work. The measures in the “Respect and Integrity” Guiding Principle are managed primarily by the Group Compliance Management unit.