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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our position on network neutrality – the internet should stay open

As part of the EU Telecoms Package, regulations on the open internet were adopted and came into effect on April 30, 2016. The regulations particularly address permitted traffic management and transparency requirements and limit commercial product and service differentiation on the internet.

Deutsche Telekom remains committed to preserving an open internet. Content and services will continue to be available online in accordance with the best effort principle. This means that data  packets are processed on the internet without preferential treatment and forwarded in the best possible way. We are continuing to expand our infrastructure so that we can cope with rapidly increasing amounts of data traffic and facilitate innovation in our network. As a result, we are satisfying our customers’ growing demands and meeting the expectations of online content and application providers, who want to be able to provide their services in high quality both now and in the future.

Building on the best effort internet, we are developing an innovative network architecture – 5G networks – which can better and more flexibly meet the various transmission quality requirements of specific services. We thereby fulfill business and regulatory requirements and enable innovation in the services we offer on our networks. Content is not monitored, nor do we have any influence over user or provider content. When competing with other network operators, we will also continue to market services with guaranteed quality features exclusively on a non-discriminatory basis.