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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable investment at Deutsche Telekom

Our contribution to the SDGs

We also apply our sustainability principles to the assets of the Telekom Pension Fund. Besides financial aspects, we have also been factoring in ecological and social principles, as well as guidelines for good corporate governance since 2013 in selecting these investments. This encompasses:

  • Targeted efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by exercising our rights to have a say in decisions as a shareholder
  • General ban on all investments in companies that manufacture or do business with “controversial weapons” (e.g., anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions, nuclear weapons, biological or chemical weapons)
  • Ban on investments in companies that have repeatedly violated the principles of the UN Global Compact

We pursue a best-in-class approach and therefore focus on investments in companies that are the best in their sector in terms of sustainability performance. Our aim is to reconcile attractive profit expectations with sustainable values

The sustainable capital investment strategy for the Deutsche Telekom Pension Fund received praise from experts in 2019, when we came second in the “ESG img Implementation” category at the Institutional Assets Awards organized by the specialist publishing house of German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The award recognizes successful investment strategies that have been implemented in a particularly coherent manner.

In 2020, portfolio institutionell, the medium for institutional capital investment, gave the Telekom Pension Fund two awards. In the reporting year we received the award for the “Best pension fund/CTA” – already for the third time. The Telekom Pension Fund also took first place in the “Best sustainable investor” category for its sustainable capital investment.

Since 2019, Deutsche Telekom’s capital investments (DT Trust) have also been geared toward ecological and social standards. The DT Trust is based on the criteria for Norway’s Government Pension Fund (“Norges”). Among other things, we exclude companies that violate human rights, manufacture certain weapons, or whose core business is considered harmful to the environment.

We evaluate other sustainable and attractive financing models at regular intervals in close consultation with the Corporate Responsibility and Treasury units.