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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Investor communication

We have observed that investors are increasingly incorporating SRI img approaches in their investment strategies. More and more investors and rating agencies are also inquiring about our CR activities. To meet these requests, we use different formats – both in our reporting and in direct dialog.

We annually publish this Corporate Responsibility Report and a non-financial statement in the annual report. We also offer ESG img information for financial market players on our company website under “Responsibility” and on our investor relations portal under “Socially Responsible investments (SRI)”.

We strive to engage in personal dialog with investors and regularly hold national and international information events as SRI roadshows. We also regularly take part in SRI conferences or meetings, and, upon request, present our CR strategy as best practice. In addition, we provide information to interested investors in conference calls, and answer numerous direct inquiries. This year, most of our investor dialog – such as our SRI roadshows – took place online due to the coronavirus pandemic.