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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our approach to infrastructural expansion

Our contribution to the SDGs

Deutsche Telekom is Germany’s largest investor when it comes to expansion of the network infrastructure. We are continuously expanding our networks, increasing the efficiency of our network systems and further strengthening our role as a leader in network quality.

We follow the coverage requirements of Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA, Federal Network Agency) in expanding the mobile network. By the end of 2020, we provided almost 99 percent of households with LTE coverage. We will also continuously improve the coverage of traffic routes with bandwidths of 100 Mbit/s img or 50 Mbit/s. At the same time, we began rolling out the new 5G mobile generation across the whole of Germany. Our goal: By the end of 2025, we will provide 5G coverage to 99 percent of the population.

We have almost completed our FTTC img (fiber to the curb) build-out in the fixed network. With our FTTH img (fiber to the home) expansion, we are installing fiber-optic connections directly in customers’ homes. Our aim is to close gaps in the network in rural areas and provide urban centers with the high bandwidth they require. We want to continue this rollout efficiently and, to this end, are also participating in funding programs. Over the coming years, we will extend our FTTH expansion to reach an average of two million households each year.

Reporting against standards


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • GRI 203-1 (Indirect Economic Impacts)