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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Rollout of the new 5G mobile generation

We vigorously drove expansion of the new 5G mobile generation in 2020: Deutsche Telekom upgraded 000 antennas with 5G between January and December 2020. Residents in more than 4,700 cities and communities are already benefiting from this. Most of the antennas transmit on the 2.1 GHz frequency, both in large cities and in smaller communities and rural areas. And since the end of 2020, 5G is being transmitted on the 3.6 GHz frequency in 26 cities. That means Deutsche Telekom is providing particularly fast high-speed 5G in places where many people live in a confined area. There are more than 1,000 antennas operating on this frequency. They are also in use in places such as the Allianz Arena in Munich and Frankfurt Airport. Overall, more than two thirds of the German population can already use 5G in Deutsche Telekom’s network.

And Deutsche Telekom will continue the 5G expansion in 2021. By the end of 2021, the overall goal is to provide some 80 percent of people in Germany with 5G coverage. At the same time, all 3G sites will be upgraded to modern and faster 5G stations by the middle of the year. LTE will be used at the few sites where this is not technically possible.