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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Measuring customer retention and endorsement

We use the TRI*M img index to gauge customer retention and regularly participate in benchmarking. The recorded data is based on a customer survey conducted in all markets and segments (expect T-Mobile US). To measure the TRI*M value, customers are asked four standardized questions – for example, whether they would recommend Deutsche Telekom to others; their answers are compiled in a key performance indicator. The TRI*M value for the Deutsche Telekom Group is calculated as an overall value from the individual measurement results of the countries or segments.

The Group-wide TRI*M index was 72.2 points in the 2020 reporting year, which constitutes a significant improvement compared to the benchmark value of 67.9 and means the Group exceeded the slight increase it had hoped for. All three operating segments -  Germany, Europe, and TSI - contributed to the positive development with improvements in customer loyalty.

At 66 points, the TRI*M index for Germany was significantly higher than the prior year (63.5) and is more than two points above the competition overall. We also increased the figure in the EU from 65.3 to 69.1, and in TSI from 82 to 89. That means we exceeded our goal of a slight increase. Our goal for 2021 is to achieve a further increase for the Group as a whole.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty scores are factored into both the long-term variable remuneration scheme for our board members and, to an extent, the performance assessments of our managers, meaning some of their variable salary components are linked to these ratings. This key performance indicator is also used as a parameter in the long-term incentive plan for our managers (excluding Board of Management members).