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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable products and services KPI

We are offering our customers more and more sustainable products and services. The basis for these is Deutsche Telekom’s “green network”, which is powered 100 percent by renewable energies. We identify our sustainable range of products and services with the #GoodMagenta or #GreenMagenta labels. That makes the decision to buy easier for our customers, and shows transparently and credibly which products make a positive contribution to environmental protection or digital participation. We also want to help our business customers meet their sustainability goals and implement regulatory requirements – such as the EU Green Deal. We use communication campaigns like “Sustainable with IoT” to inform our customers about sustainability issues: The campaign focuses on the potential of Internet of Things img solutions for business and corporate customers to contribute to ecological sustainability. Our range of sustainable products and services will be further expanded in 2021.

Implementation at the national companies
We also offer a variety of sustainable products and services at our national companies: For example, T-Mobile Polska introduced a series of green products in 2020, including recycled mobile phones. In Romania, customers can rent routers and modems so that they can be reused after they are replaced. “Green rates” are offered by Maygar Telekom in Hungary and T-Mobile in the Netherlands, among others.

Measuring progress with KPIs
We measure our progress in expanding our sustainable product portfolio using various key performance indicators (KPIs), e.g., unit sales or revenue and gross profit for sustainable and refurbished equipment in the mobile and fixed-network segments. We also specify the ratio of sales from sustainable products to total sales of all devices. In addition, we collect KPIs on the collection of devices for recycling purposes and on the compensation of CO2 emissions through shipping with DHL GoGreen and tree planting campaigns.