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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Circular economy in the network and IT infrastructure at Deutsche Telekom

We are carrying out projects in various Board departments. The common goal: We want to achieve our climate protection targets, implement the circularity requirement, and introduce a holistic TCO img approach for our network and IT infrastructure.

Promoting the circular economy at our national companies
Our international companies are also implementing measures to promote the circular economy in the network and IT infrastructure. In the United States, efficiency in data centers is being improved through cold aisle containment. Hungary is promoting the use of renewable energies: For a donation, employees sponsor solar modules that supply electricity to a training building. In return, employees receive various benefits, such as an extra day of vacation. In the Netherlands, the dismantling of the Tele2 network results in savings of 36 metric tons of CO2 emissions. Other examples include PC recycling at Magenta Telekom in Austria and the refurbishment of mobile masts in Romania.