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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Promoting green mobility at Deutsche Telekom KPI

We are promoting a green DT mobility strategy throughout the Group. This includes promoting e-mobility in our fleet, as well as sustainable travel and commuting for our employees. In particular, we want to promote micromobility (bicycles, pedal scooters, scooters, etc.). We are also committed to expanding e-mobility by building and supporting the e-charging infrastructure.

#movegreen – getting there sustainably
Our Green Pioneers organize various campaigns to raise awareness and motivate our employees toward “greener” forms of mobility. Under #movegreen, the “New Mobility Concept Squad” project team invited employees at five locations in Germany to take part in campaigns on the topic of sustainable mobility in the late summer and fall of 2020. Colleagues from different areas were able to exchange ideas in discussion events on eco-friendly options for the daily commute. A total of around 20 sessions were held with over 400 participants. In addition, employees had the opportunity to borrow bicycles or electric bikes free of charge for a week and attend interesting presentations and training sessions. They were also able to participate in the “Bike to Work” campaign of health insurer AOK: more than 360 participants had cycled over 313,900 km by the end of November 2020, saving around 59,640 kg of CO2 compared to traveling by car. The #movegreen campaign weeks went down very well with our employees; posts on our internal social network “You and Me” (YAM) were viewed around 5,000 times.

Expanding the charging infrastructure
To drive e-mobility forward, it is crucial to provide the appropriate infrastructure. We are therefore upgrading parts of our existing telecommunications infrastructure to charging stations, primarily using our large technical facilities such as main distribution frames. Using the existing infrastructure eliminates the need for additional constructions in the cityscape. The electricity used for charging comes from renewable energy sources.

The nationwide electric charging network is being equipped with rapid charging points with up to 150 kW capacity by Comfort Charge GmbH. Comfort Charge is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group and is funded by the Telekom Innovation Pool (TIP). The company operates charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Germany and offers services related to electromobility. The company is thus creating the necessary infrastructure for the breakthrough of e-mobility in Germany.

Around 500 rapid charging stations are planned over the next three years. They are not part of the existing telecommunications infrastructure and will be set up at Deutsche Telekom locations with medium-voltage installations, which give users up to 150 kW of power. This enables charging for an approximately 100-kilometer range in just ten minutes. We also offer installation and maintenance services for wall boxes/wall charging stations (44 kW) for business customers. Some of them are also provided and operated by Comfort Charge.

E-mobility is also being promoted at our national companies: in Croatia, for example, a digital charging service for electric vehicles via app has been offered since July 2020. Charging columns have been installed in front of the T-Systems Netherlands building in Utrecht.

We measure our activities to promote greener mobility at Deutsche Telekom using various KPIs, which we reported for the first time in 2020.

  • Amount of standard e-charging stations (AC) | standard chargers
  • Amount of high-power e-charging stations (DC) | fast chargers
  • Enabling: Saved CO2 emissions per customer in Germany

In the reporting year, we provided a total of 569 e-mobility rapid charging stations and 1,542 standard charging stations.