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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Enablement factor: Customers saving on CO2 emissions

We enable our customers to reduce their emissions through our products and solutions. The enablement factor gives us the ratio between this savings potential for our customers and our own carbon footprint, allowing us to assess our overall performance – both positive and negative – when it comes to climate protection. Since 2014, we have examined the savings potential for various products on the user side; we carried out 18 such assessments in 2020. Added to those from the previous year, we included emission reductions from the installation of wall boxes. We identified the greatest potential in web and video conferencing, and in mobility. Other savings potential lies with cloud computing, which enables our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions by using our cloud services and outsourcing their existing infrastructure to our efficient data centers. Better servers, more energy-efficient data centers, and higher infrastructure capacity utilization can thus cut energy consumption and the associated emissions by up to 80 percent.