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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Renewable energy in the national companies KPI

Our contribution to the SDGs

In the reporting period, the share of renewable energy at our national companies was an average of almost 30 percentage points above the respective country mixa). In determining the amount, the national companies can also include certificates (guarantees of origin) and power purchase agreements (PPAs) for electricity obtained from renewable energy.

Our national companies in Germany, Greece, India, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Hungary are already pioneers in this field: They cover 100 percent of their electricity needs with renewable energies. Deutsche Telekom in Germany purchases its electricity as part of a green tariff. Around 60 percent comes directly from renewable energies. The rest is covered by guarantees of origin, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and a small proportion by in-house generation.

T-Mobile US intends to reach our Group target primarily with wind power, but with solar energy as well. To that end, the American national company has concluded long-term contracts (12-15 years) with wind and solar farm operators, Which gives the power producers security of investment. As a result, five wind farms and three solar farms in the U.S. already feed their energy into the grid or will do so by 2021.

We use the “Renewable Energies” ESG KPI to measure our progress. It is calculated based on the share of renewable energy in total electricity consumption, and is compared here to the share of renewable energy in the national energy mix (country mix)a) for all national companies.

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