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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Additional measures to conserve resources KPI

Print on demand
Print on demand has many advantages: Quick reference guides can be printed as needed depending on orders and don’t need to be preprinted, transported and stored. Changes to information sheets for our customers can be made on short notice, eliminating large quantities of outdated documents that need to be destroyed. Initially, we will have print on demand available for quick reference guides for the MagentaZuhause rates. In the next step, we will review whether other materials are also suitable for print on demand – such as those containing multiple pages, a brochure, or a SIM card.

Discounted food
Since November 2020, we have offered our employees discounted items in the cafeterias after 4 p.m. at two locations in Germany. Employees can purchase items that would otherwise have to be thrown away, such as baked goods, salads and muesli, at half price. This has kept some 2,400 items from being thrown away.

RECUP returnable cup
In 2018, we joined forces with Sodexo, the company running our cafeterias in Germany, to introduce the RECUP returnable cup. Since then, the system has been introduced at many Deutsche Telekom sites. In the reporting year, the number of RECUP returnable cups rose by 54 percent to more than 19,000.

As a sustainable alternative, one reusable RECUP can replace around 500 disposable cups and can then simply be recycled. In return for a deposit of 1 euro, our employees get their coffee in a reusable RECUP. This can be returned to any participating partner, where the deposit is returned and the cup rinsed and reused.