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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Community Investment ESG KPI KPI

We report a set of three KPIs for calculating the impact of our social commitment. They comprise the Community Investment ESG img KPI, the Beneficiaries ESG KPI and the Media Literacy ESG KPI. Our activities are based on the methods employed by the London Benchmarking Group (LBG), which incorporate the aspects, "input," "output" and "impact".

The Community Investment ESG KPI illustrates activities in which Deutsche Telekom was involved in the community either financially, through its employees, or through donating materials.

Our ambition: increase KPI

The investment volume for our entire network infrastructure in 2020 was € 17.0 billion (with more than € 5.5 billion of this in Germany), and we are already providing LTE to 98.7 percent of the population in our national companies. What's more, we operate the largest fiber-optic network in Germany, with more than 500,000 kilometers of cables, and are driving the expansion of a large-scale NB-IoT infrastructure for the cities of the future. Thanks to the Internet rollout, our investments are making an important contribution to facilitating access to fast Internet for large sections of the public. This, in turn, is the foundation for the positive development of our business KPIs, e.g. the Media Literacy ESG KPI. Furthermore, our products and services are contributing to climate protection and resource efficiency. Our products range from ICT img solutions such as video conferencing and Industry 4.0 img to sustainable connected farming and Smart City concepts.

Additionally, the Community Investment ESG KPI makes an important contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals img. In 2020, about 67 million euros of the community investments have contributed to the SDG 4 (quality education).