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2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Fair pay and benefits

We offer our employees competitive, performance-based pay oriented to the relevant national labor market. Our remuneration policies are structured to guarantee equal pay for men and women and do not discriminate.

With our “Global Compensation Guideline” for executives, our collective agreements and other collective bargaining regulations, we ensure a transparent and gender-neutral payment structure and remuneration for our employees at the Group. Under this guideline, pay is based on the degree of difficulty and complexity of the specific task, and not on the individual person. We thereby ensure that remuneration at the Deutsche Telekom Group is based on the type and scope of the work performed and the requirements of the respective job, irrespective of gender, age and nationality. We also offer our employees additional benefits such as our company pension scheme.

As part of our Group-wide employee survey, we regularly ascertain how satisfied our employees are with their pay and also conduct other surveys on specific topics and in specific units.

In 2018, we compiled a report on equal pay and equality for the first time in order to comply with the new legal requirements of the Act to Promote Transparency of Pay Structures. It is published every five years. You can find the latest report as an annex to the 2017 management report.

Reporting against standards


Global Compact

  • Principle 1 (Support and respect for internationally proclaimed human rights)
  • Principle 3 (Uphold freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining)