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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report


This initiative is led by PQIT and was developed at T-Systems Iberia with the aim of reusing electrical and electronic equipment, and increasing its useful life. The project was included in the Environmental Management Program 2022. The goal is to:

  • reuse CISCO phones (1006 phones have been sold)
  • reuse laptops (86 percent buyback by our employees)
  • reuse mobile phones (960 mobile phones have been returned). For each mobile phone returned, one tree is planted. This action is part of a worldwide program of the Orange Group.

This initiative helps to minimize our environmental impact by reducing waste generation and promoting the development of a more sustainable environment through the circular economy. 

This initiative aims to raise awareness throughout society about the environmental benefits that can accrue from recovery of this equipment and its constituent materials, since 86 percent of these materials are reusable.