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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Structure of the online report

The 2022 CR Report is a Communication on Progress that looks at the key developments during the reporting period and provides additional information about the latest developments. We use different formats to reach the various target groups: 

  • The homepage lists the most important messages from our 2022 Sustainability Day under the motto of “We walk the talk”. The entire Board of Management took this opportunity to present the updated sustainability strategy as well as the targets and measures which will guide us on our journey to becoming one of the most sustainable telecommunications companies. Readers can access comprehensive information about our sustainability topics by following the links to the pages that follow. Readers who are only interested in Deutsche Telekom’s progress during the reporting period can follow a link to access our “Management & Facts” Communication on Progress directly. 
  • A news ticker provides continual updates on the latest events and activities, which can be reached via the homepage. Individual news stories specific to each topic can be found on the in-depth themed pages or in the national company profiles.
  • At “Experiencing sustainability”, we look at key sustainability issues, from various perspectives, and in multimedia presentations. With plain, clear language, Experiencing sustainability is aimed at a general audience. The in-depth themed pages are grouped in keeping with the four societal trends, “Green future,” “Digital life,” “New way of working,” and “Green stewardship.” We take a look at a new topic on a regular basis. Some of the themed pages are also available in simplified language.
  • In our “Management & Facts” Communication on Progress, we provide information, in the four main categories (“pillars”) Strategy, Economy, Environment, and Social, about Deutsche Telekom’s sustainability-oriented management structures and about its progress in the year under review. In some topic areas, we invite interested readers to engage in direct discussion with Deutsche Telekom experts. With the report, we meet requirements pertaining to conventional accountability reporting. 
  • In our national companies section, the majority of our national companies whose CR activities are described in this report also present their own CR profile. 
  • The Management & Facts progress report also includes a section on key figures. In addition, we offer an interactive KPI img tool that lets users pick and choose key figures to create a customized compilation. 
  • The report also includes search, “read-aloud” (text-to-speech) and “share” functionality, for added user convenience. What’s more, an “info cart” lets readers select different content and create a customized PDF file.
  • The report is supplemented by the new CR facts format, which individual Deutsche Telekom departments use to report directly on their sustainability-related projects and measures. Readers can access the CR facts section at any time by clicking on the link in the report's footer.
  • The report’s footer includes links to a download center, dialog functions, a glossary, and other relevant websites.