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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

CR controlling – measuring and managing sustainability

Our CR controlling ensures that we can collect ESG img data and KPIs transparently, and in a timely manner, and report them in the “Management & Facts” section and the interactive KPI tool of this CR report.


As part of our CR controlling and reporting activities, we record ESG data and performance indicators. We use this dataprimarily to calculate our ESG KPIs, which we use to measure and manage our CR performance. The non-financial performance indicators “energy consumption”, “CO2 emissions” (Scope 1 and 2), and “energy intensity” are also elements of the Group’s higher-level controlling processes. Alongside the ESG KPIs, we also report other metrics with the aim of meeting all internal and external transparency requirements

In addition, we have developed an impact assessment method that allows us to measure and evaluate the environmental and social impact of selected products, solutions, and measures along the value chain. This helps us to keep our key sustainability activities results-oriented, to provide transparent reporting on them, and to make the contribution of our business activities, for example, to achieving the SDGs img, visible.

We have been integrating our ESG data process incrementally in our ICS (internal control system) since 2021. This was initially comprised of specific ICS principles aimed at achieving a high level of data quality, timeliness, and transparency. They cover decentralized, system-based ESG data processes that are aggregated at the Group level. During the year under review, we have supplemented the ICS principles with more demanding transaction-level controls for the remuneration-relevant KPIs.

We are continuously improving our performance indicator system on the basis of internal and external requirements. We have added additional KPIs for the areas of resource conservation and circular economy since 2021, so we can coordinate and communicate our progress in this strategic area even more precisely. Trends in the ESG KPIs over the past four years can be seen here.

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