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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement: Remote maintenance with augmented reality cuts travel and CO2

Complexe technical systems have to undergo regular maintenance. Long drives on service visits for such maintenance cost time and money – and generate large amounts of CO2 emissions. We now offer the “AR FieldAdvisor” smartphone app img, which provides a means of carrying out such service calls remotely – i.e. without requiring the presence of a service technician at the service site. This is possible thanks to the use of augmented reality img technology. When the app is used, a video call is made, and an employee at the service site pans over the relevant equipment with their smartphone camera.

Our impact measurement has found that use of the AR FieldAdvisor app to eliminate the need for 100 typical on-site service calls can save about 614 kilograms of CO2 equivalents.

The service also contributes to the following SDGs:

  • SDG 11: The calculation is based on elimination of transport-related emissions tied to an average of485 kilometers of road and air travel to and from service sites (for 100 service calls).
  • SDG 12: The added electricity consumption for development and use of the product (adverse impacts) was also factored into the calculation.
  • SDG 8: Use of the AR FieldAdvisor app has improved service productivity, by enabling larger numbers of service calls to be made within a given period of time. Since the app eliminates travel time, and enables service personnel to work from their homes, its use also enhances the well-being of service personnel.
  • SDG 17: The app’s remote-maintenance functionality makes it easy to provide competent technical support outside of major cities, and in less-developed areas.

We have awarded this solution the #GreenMagenta label.