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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement: Greater customer-service efficiency, with “Mein Telekom Techniker” (“My Deutsche Telekom Service Technician”)

When Deutsche Telekom’s service technicians make service calls, they sometimes find that customers are not at home. Such “empty runs” are inefficient. They produce transport emissions, generate added costs, and tend to leave both customers and service staff dissatisfied.

With our web app img “Mein Telekom Techniker” (“My Deutsche Telekom Service Technician”), customers simply tap on their phone in order to see when their service technician will arrive: We send an SMS text message in advance to remind them of the scheduled appointment.  The SMS includes a link to real-time updates of the technician’s probable arrival time. If customers experience a sudden change of plans, they can change scheduled appointments with just a few taps. In short, the app helps prevent empty runs.

For 100 service calls, calculation shows that an average of about 14 kilograms of CO2 equivalents is saved per call.

The service also contributes to the following SDGs:

  • SDGs 9 and 12: The digital application saves paper, since it eliminates the need for two thirds of the “sorry we missed you” cards that previously had to be placed in a mailbox when the customer was not home. This supports resource efficiency and makes service processes greener.
  • SDGs 3 and 11: Avoidance of empty runs helps reduce air pollution. It therefore has a positive impact on both air quality and human health.