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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement: Sustainable product packaging for remotes

The primary purpose of packaging is to ensure that products are not damaged during transport to their final destinations (customers). When a product is unpacked, its packaging is usually discarded immediately, meaning it becomes trash and a burden on the environment. In this impact measurement, we analyzed a sustainable packaging solution and compared it with conventional packaging.

This offering contributes to the following SDGs:

  • SDGs 11 and 12: Use of recycled materials, and avoidance of plastic, reduce waste.
  • SDG 6: Use of soy-based printer ink prevents use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

This use case has yielded a blueprint for efficient impact measurement of other sustainable packaging solutions.

All of our own products have been shipped in sustainable packaging throughout Europe since mid-2022. More than two thirds of the new packaging for smartphones we source from our suppliers also meets these criteria.

We have awarded our #GreenMagenta label to this service.