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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

For companies and municipalities: Finding support programs for digital investments

Supply shortages, rising prices, and overall inflation present major challenges for companies and municipalities alike. Digital solutions, which make processes more efficient, facilitate the development of new business models and help organizations become more innovative and sustainable, can play especially useful roles in difficult times.  In Germany, numerous types of state subsidies are available for digital business solutions, digital technologies, and IT systems. In such assistance, the federal and Länder governments assume up to 70 percent of incurred costs, and municipal governments sometimes even assume all of the costs involved. Also, many funding programs focus especially on sustainability-oriented digitalization projects and initiatives that are good for the environment and support efforts toward Germany's climate targets.

In our “Schubkraft” (“Thrust”) initiative, we help customers gain a clear understanding of available funding options, and we work with them in reviewing ways of applying investments and obtaining federal and Länder subsidies for them. Our relevant website offers valuable tips on how to apply, on the numerous funding programs available, and on available free consultations of relevance to customers’ individual situations. Also, “Meine Förderung”  (“My Funding”), a free Deutsche Telekom app img, provides a good overview of the some000 funding programs currently in place, along with a “funding-check” eligibility-checking function. Finally, we offer a toll-free hotline, at 0800 330 6001, via which experts provide overview information about Germany’s funding sector and about applicable terms and conditions.