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Socially responsible staff restructuring

With a view to remaining strong and competitive in our dynamic and global market environment, in the long term, we support and assist our employees in growing with the evolving digitalized working world.

These inevitable changes are also accompanied by complex personnel restructuring. We are creating new jobs in growth areas and finding qualified personnel to fill these positions. In other areas, we are restructuring, and reducing our workforce in the process. We make sure that all staff restructuring measures are implemented in a socially responsible way for our employees.

HR service provider Vivento has provided us with support and placement services for employees in Germany since 2013. In 2023, and in close collaboration with the new “next.JOB” unit founded at the start of 2022, 276 employees (civil servants and non-civil servants) at Deutsche Telekom in Germany decided to transfer to permanent positions in the public service .The majority of them moved to the Federal Employment Agency, but also to the armed forces (Bundeswehr) , and other federal authorities. In addition, employees were placed in individual positions in other public administrations. This was also facilitated by the increasing need for staff at the authorities. The “next.JOB” unit in Vivento offers public service prospects to employees in Germany who are looking for a new professional challenge outside the company. Since Vivento’s founding, it has helped more than 53 600 employees (full-time equivalents – FTEs img; as of December 31, 2023) find viable new options.

For some years now, various segments, including Group Headquarters and Telekom Deutschland, have offered assistance to surplus personnel, including individual counseling for professional reorientation. Employees in the change process are given prompt and comprehensive support, with the goal of finding permanent new employment for them.


Holistic staff restructuring and transfer management at Telekom Deutschland

Telekom Deutschland implemented a holistic staff restructuring and transfer management system in mid-2017. Its aim is to win employees over to the idea of a career change early on. In cases where tasks are being eliminated in the near or medium term, or different skills are required, the affected employees will be given advice proactively regarding opportunities for a professional reorientation. Managers are also actively involved in the change process. Together with them, internal and external employment options are considered and personal labor market profiles developed. In addition, assistance is provided for individualized application processes and – where necessary – training offered. Since 2018, around 2 600 employees nationwide in the Germany segment img have received counseling via this system. Approximately 70 percent of them were able to find new options through these measures.


Instruments for socially responsible staff restructuring in the DT Group in Germany KPI

Deutsche Telekom continues to ensure that its personnel cutbacks are carried out in a socially responsible manner, using the tried-and-trusted tools of early retirement, severance payments, and partial retirement again in 2023.

Personnel cuts (FTEs img) 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
a) Permanent transfers; civil servants are not entitled to return to the Deutsche Telekom Group – established as a cluster in 2015.
Early retirement (civil servants) 27 1 711 1 242 1 917 630 1 183 995
Early retirement (non-civil servants) 61 63 71 77 66 79 54
Severance payments 1 081 972 763 745 526 619 551
Partial retirement (start of passive phase) 1 687 1 890 1 692 1 899 2 444 2 086 2 201
Other socially responsible tools 15 - - - - - -
Transfers to public authorities (final) b) 417 326 321 146 70 49 259

Further information about this is available in the HR Factbook.


Employee turnover rate KPI

In the reporting year, the employee turnover rate in Germany remained constant at 2.5 percent. At the international level, the turnover rate decreased significantly and was 7.4 percent in 2023. At the Group level, it has also reduced as a result of this decrease in Germany and was 4.6 percent in 2023.

in % 2020 2021 2022 2023
a) excluding T-Mobile US
Germany 1.98 2.10 2.50 2.50
International a) 6.61 9.30 10.70 7.40
Group (total) a) 3.94 5.20 5.90 4.60
Further information about this is available in the HR Factbook.


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • GRI 2-7 (General Disclosures)

Proportion of civil servants in Group workforce KPI

The number of civil servants employed in the company fell once again in 2023. The reason for this is that Deutsche Telekom has not recruited any new civil servants since the company was privatized. While some civil servants left the company upon reaching retirement age, others also took advantage of early retirement with volunteer work (dedicated retirement) or moved to other agencies. This led to a continuous drop in the number of civil servants in our workforce.

  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
a) Civil servants whose civil servant status is suspended. They have temporarily changed to an employment contract.
Active civil servants 15 999 15 482 13 507 12 153 10 583 9 653 8 381 6 891
Civil servants on temporary leave from civil servant status a) 889 731 657 553 405 311 256 212
Civil servants at affiliated companies 10 827 10 486 9 785 8 720 7 423 6 773 5 836 4 942
Civil servants (total) 27 716 26 699 23 950 21 426 18 412 16 736 14 474 12 045
Number of non-civil servants in Germany 76 946 75 202 74 143 72 685 70 620 68 424 66 995 66 555
Total number of employees in Germany 104 662 101 901 98 092 94 111 89 032 85 160 81 469 78 600
Proportion of civil servants in Germany(in %) 26.48 26.20 24.42 22.77 20.68 19.7 17.8 15.3

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  • Highlights

    We are working on behalf

    of an online world in which all people

    can participate and coexist in

    keeping with democratic principles

    We are working on behalf of an online world in which all people can participate and coexist in keeping with democratic principles

    Via our “No hate speech” initiative, we once again reached a great many people (about 865 million media contacts), including the many opinion leaders and educators (about 5.7 million people) we contacted directly.

    Our “ShareWithCare” campaign also reached a great many people – and it has played an important role, worldwide, in discussion about online sharing of photos of children. With over 250 million media contacts, ShareWithCare has successfully raised awareness about issues surrounding online sharing of children’s photos and data.

    Also, via programs such as Teachtoday and Scroller, we have continued working to promote media literacy in people of all ages, always with the aim of helping people navigate cyberspace safely, securely and with confidence.

    More than 200 000 people work at Deutsche Telekom – and every one of them is unique. This diversity is our strength. In keeping with our understanding of diversity, we offer our employees many ways to keep developing and growing professionally and personally. Thanks to such efforts, our employees’ satisfaction levels remain high: In 2023, our “engagement score,” which is calculated on the basis of responses in subject areas such as mood, employer attractiveness, brand identity, and inspiration, totaled 76 percent.

    Detailed examples of our progress in 2023, described from the perspectives of both the Group and our segments, are presented in the subsections.

    Highlight numbers

    Highlight numbers

    Progress of selected KPIs in  2023

    • 2022 2023

    • Community Contribution 2 346m. € 1 504m. €

    • Beneficiaries – Focus Topics 41m. 51m.

    • Reach – Focus Topics 2 070m. 1 734m.

    • Employee satisfaction 78% 76%

    • Proportion of women in middle and upper management 28.1% 27.9%

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