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Our approach to top service quality in Germany

At Deutsche Telekom we put people front and center, especially our customers and our employees. We examine our workflows from our customers’ perspective and invest in our employees’ expertise as well as in IT tools for them and our customers. Our aim is to handle customer inquiries quickly and fully right from the first contact and to be perceived as friendly and reliable as we do so. In the reporting year, our investments in the area of customer service and the associated customer satisfaction were rewarded: in 2023, we made it into the top 10 most valuable brands in the world in the "Brand Finance Global 500" study. We also remain the most valuable corporate brand in Europe.  The Brand-Z study by Kantar also confirmed that Deutsche Telekom is the most valuable German brand - partly due to the high level of trust customers place in our brand.

The following examples show how we implement our service offering in the Germany segment img:

Very active service in 2023
In 2023 in Germany, we had a total of 30 000 employees providing service to our 60 million mobile and fixed-network customers, making a total of 60 million personal contacts in the process. We solve around 70 percent of inquiries in the first customer contact. Also in the year under review, callers to our service hotline had to wait less than 90 seconds on average to speak with a service representative. In the same year, the percentage of service technician appointments that failed to take place was 0.6 percent. Our good service is paying off: Since 2017, we have been able to cut the number of customer complaints in Germany by a total of 90 percent.

Arranging appointments with Deutsche Telekom
The online appointment booking tool (only available in German) is an easy way for customers to book their consultations and service appointments. They can decide for themselves in which form they would like to receive advice. They can choose between a consultation in a Telekom Shop or at home. Deutsche Telekom engineer appointments can also be booked online. Customers can also use the tool to arrange an appointment for queries which can be resolved via phone call or video chat.

Customers using the “Mein Telekom Techniker” (My Telekom Engineer) app img can see with a tap on their smartphone when they can expect our service engineers to arrive. They will also be sent a text message in advance, reminding them of the scheduled visit. This message includes a link to access virtually real-time updates on the engineer’s anticipated arrival time. If customers’ plans suddenly change, they can reschedule appointments with just a few taps on their phone. And once a job is underway, it is also possible to monitor the service engineer’s progress step by step. This can be helpful, for example, when excavation work is required.

Always available – even in the crisis
We also reacted swiftly after Russia began its war of aggression against Ukraine in early 2022: On top of their day-to-day work, our sales and service employees helped out with initiatives such as distributing free SIM cards to refugees at the Telekom Shops and central points of contact – sometimes even outside of their working hours. They were on hand to respond to any questions or issues from refugees. Employees have joined forces to coordinate various relief measures and are continuing this work together.

Customer service from the region for the region
We have established a total of 14 regional centers, known as “Regiocenters,” in major cities in Germany, with the last opening in April 2022. These centers’ service teams serve customers’ needs throughout their regions, including customers in both urban and rural areas. Each such center offers a full range of service expertise and products in the region, from back-office support and technical customer service to field service, shops, and equipment. Customer calls are automatically forwarded to the relevant Regiocenter, which will be able to directly handle all types of concerns – mobile network, fixed network, service disruption, or a field service request.

Promoting skills
We continuously provide our service employees with training on products and services. They can learn about and try out the latest solutions in specially equipped rooms at our service centers. We have also intensified our personal coaching by team leaders in everyday work. Knowledge databases and digital tools are enabling our employees to address customers' concerns more and more quickly.

The high quality of our services has been independently verified by numerous successes in tests. For example, in 2023 the business magazine Focus Money once again honored us as a “Service King.” For its awards, Focus Money conducted a survey of almost 300 000 people, asking which companies they thought gave them the best service. Awards such as these show that we are on the right track. You can find details of other awards for Sales & Service here.

Improving contact and process quality
We want to give all customers the best service experience. To meet that goal, several million responses from our customers are annually collected and analyzed by our quality management team. Customer satisfaction and resolving their request on first contact are our top priorities.

Our surveys are conducted either directly after a contact (for example, via the hotline, in a shop, on a field service call, or after an online inquiry by email or chat) or a completed process (for example, after service provisioning).

If a customer tells us in a survey that their request has not yet been resolved, a callback offer is made to clarify the request once and for all. The results of customer surveys are also used for internal training of our customer advisors.

In the year under review, we managed to increase the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which we use to measure customer satisfaction, to 40 (23 in the prior year). The classification uses a scale of -100 to +100. We attribute the improvement to our “Green-to-Magenta” transformation program and various measures designed to increase customer satisfaction: For instance to the increase in the first-call resolution rate from 56.1 percent in 2022 to 69 percent in the year under review and to the reduction of the waiting times to an average 90 seconds at present. We have also driven forward the training of our employees and the Day-1 attitude that requires our employees to constantly examine processes and workflows for the need for optimization.


Measuring customer retention and endorsement

We use the TRI*M index img to gauge customer retention and regularly participate in benchmarking. The recorded data is based on a customer survey conducted in all markets and segments (excluding T-Mobile US). To measure the TRI*M value, customers are asked four standardized questions – for example, whether they would recommend Deutsche Telekom to others; their answers are compiled in a key performance indicator. The TRI*M value for the Deutsche Telekom Group is calculated as an overall value from the individual measurement results of the countries or segments.

At the end of the year under review, the indicator for the Group (excluding T-Mobile US) came in at 76.2 points versus an adjusted value of 75.0 points at the start of the year (both determined on a comparable basis). Following changes to the revenue shares contributed by each country and in order to create an equivalent basis for comparing the Group’s expectations with actual figures, we recalculated the baseline figure for 2023 on the basis of the new structures these changes entailed. The new baseline thus diverges from the figure of 76.0 reported as of December 31, 2022. As a result, the index value improved, and we firmly achieved our Group aim of increasing it slightly. The Germany and T-Systems segments contributed to the very positive development in particular with significant improvements in customer loyalty. The EU segment also contributed to these results with an increase in customer loyalty.

At 72.4 points, the TRI*M index for Germany is significantly higher than in the previous year (71.6). It is also considerably higher than the comparable figures for the competition when it comes to both consumers and business customers. We also experienced a slight improvement in our EU business segment, from 70.4 to 70.6, while the TRI*M index for T-Systems actually increased to 95 from a baseline of 91 points. In sum, we once again reached our overall goal of a slight increase for the Group as a whole. Thanks to the figures achieved at Telekom Deutschland and T-Systems in particular, we are in a leading position compared with the competitor benchmark.  We expect to maintain these figures for 2024. Our aim for the EU segment is to achieve a slight improvement.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty scores are factored into both the long-term variable remuneration scheme for our board members and, to an extent, the performance assessments of our managers, meaning some of their variable salary components are linked to these ratings.

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  • Highlights

    At Deutsche Telekom, everything starts with

    the network. Having access to state-of-the-art

    technologies is a precondition for economic

    performance and participation in a

    knowledge and information society.

    At Deutsche Telekom, everything starts with the network. Having access to state-of-the-art technologies is a precondition for economic performance and participation in a knowledge and information society.

    That is why we are continuing to rapidly expand our infrastructure and improve transmission speeds with new, secure technology. We invested more than EUR 16 billion Group-wide in 2023, primarily in setting up and operating networks. This is in addition to the investments that we make in acquiring mobile spectrum.

    At Deutsche Telekom we put people front and center, especially our customers and our employees. Worldwide, Deutsche Telekom employees ensure that our networks run smoothly and our customers receive the best service. In this way, we made it into the top 10 of the world’s most valuable brands in 2023. When it comes to telecommunications companies, we occupy the number 1 spot worldwide, remaining Europe’s most valuable corporate brand.

    When rating agencies give high marks to our social and ecological commitment, the T-Share is included in the financial market’s sustainability indexes. In 2023, the T-Share was once again listed in indices such as the renowned CSA-based DJSI World and DJSI Europe.

    Further detailed examples of the progress we made in 2023 can be found in the subchapters – from the Group’s perspective and from that of our segments.

    Highlight numbers

    Highlight numbers

    Progress of selected KPIs in  2023

    • 2022 2023

    • Investments in building and operating networks Group-wide 21bn. 16bn.

    • Customer satisfaction TRI*M 75.0 points 76.2 points

    • Sustainable revenue share 42% 43%

    • Proportion of T-Shares held by investors with ESG criteria 31.3% 32%

    • Procurement volume verified as non-critical 64.1% 66.2%

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