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Money can help make our world a better place: take, for example, when we buy green energy, when we fight for cooperation in the online world with our #TAKEPART –No Hate Speech campaign, or when we develop artificial intelligence for the good of humankind. Because we do all this and more for a better world, the Telekom share is listed in important sustainability indices on the financial market.
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Diversity speaks many languages. As do our employees, who come from some 150 different nations. This diversity makes us vibrant, successful, and future ready.

We are creating a working environment that promotes equal opportunities, for example, with our women’s quota, our childcare options, and the flexible working models we offer. And it goes without saying that our employees receive the same pay for the same work. Our commitment to diversity doesn’t end within our company – we want society as a whole to be able to #TAKE PART. We campaign against online discrimination and for equality in esports.
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That’s the volume of emissions for which we intend to be re­spon­si­ble – none at all! And not a bit of small print. What’s more, we’re making that our target from 2040.


Where others talk, our network speaks for itself. Our customers are already surfing on Deutsche Telekom’s green network.


By 2025, we are going to reduce direct and indirect emissions from within our company to net ZERO. This also includes emissions produced through the use of gas, diesel, and oil, for instance.


We are also aiming to be a climate-neutral company by 2040 at the latest, which means totally eliminating our carbon footprint. This also includes emissions arising from the manufacture and use of our products.

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We visualize our commitment to society and the environment with #GoodMagenta and #GreenMagenta.

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