Peter Schiefer
VP Corporate Communications & Responsibility
Magenta Telekom

Magenta in Austria has been a green pioneer in the Deutsche Telekom Group since 2015. The company is carbon neutral and 100 percent of electricity purchased has been green energy since 2015. In 2021, Magenta made further progress in many areas related to #GreenMagenta. Outstanding examples of this progress include deployment of biodegradable receipts at all shops in Austria and replacement of paper bags by shopping bags made from recycled plastic (rePET). Furthermore, Magenta participated in the Austria-wide “Climate Impact Day,” where around 140 companies joined forces to raise awareness of climate issues.

In 2021, Magenta continued its flagship ConnectedKids program supporting digital inclusion in schools. In the fall of 2021, the Austrian government started distributing free laptops and tablets to schools in order to promote digitalization in education, Magenta supported this initiative with special programs together with partners for model schools. Magenta also supported CAPE 10, a large hub which includes a community center, free medical treatment for homeless people, and a women’s shelter. CAPE 10 was newly opened in Vienna this year and Magenta is supporting CAPE 10 with free access and free WiFi img infrastructure. Furthermore, Magenta supported lobby16, a not-for-profit organization helping young refugees to get apprenticeships, and continued cooperation with Caritas on the chat-net project “Plaudernetz.” This is a hotline against loneliness where people can chat with volunteers.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Magenta Telekom (T-Mobile Austria GmbH) is a leading provider of Internet and mobile communications, entertainment, and business solutions in Austria. The company has around400 employees and generated revenues of about EUR 1.35 billion in 2021. The company offers ultra-fast broadband with fiberoptic cable, and mobile Internet, entertainment, and the latest technologies for digital life.

Number of customers  

Mobile:070 000
Broadband (fiberoptic cable or DSL img): 635 000

Number of employees   2 400
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2000

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018 
ISO 50001

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Awards and memberships

In 2021, Magenta Telekom received the following awards:

  • Best mobile network in Austria according to “connect” and “Chip”
  • “connect” 5G innovation award 
  • Best broadband operator: Magenta is the best nationwide broadband operator according to “connect” and “PC Magazine” 
  • Fastest fixed network in Austria according to “Ookla Speedtest Awards”
  • Best consumer hotline according to “connect”
  • Most preferred operator in customer voting according to “connect”
  • Best service App img for consumers according to “connect”
  • Best Shop according to “ÖGVS” survey on mobile operators
  • Lead Employer in Austria – first place
  • Popular Employer according to an evaluation in the “Kurier” newspaper
  • “Top-Employer” in Austria according to “trend” business magazine
  • “Sustainable company” according to an evaluation by the “Kurier” newspaper


ConnectedKids – Digital media competence in the classroom easy to grasp
Digital inclusion is a major concern for us. We support the education sector with ConnectedKids as it develops toward the school of tomorrow, where parents, teachers, and children and young people have the necessary media skills. Taking digital und social responsibility is one of the basic ideas behind the ConnectedKids project, which was launched by Magenta Telekom in 2013. The non-bureaucratic, digital solution for schools offers a simple, straightforward introduction to the use of mobile devices at no cost. Children use tablets to learn and grow in a completely different way for six weeks. Away from the idea of protection and toward digital emancipation! The digital world has long since found its way into the lives of children and young people. The potential and opportunities are almost unlimited. Guiding children and young people through complex digital contexts promotes a more critical and conscious perception. This in turn leads to an independent and responsible approach to digital media.

ConnectedKids enables schools with a lack of digital infrastructure to lay the foundation for the digital future – and no school is left out in the cold. ConnectedKids provides digital know-how and pedagogical expertise for daily use in addition to tablets and mobile Internet. This allows children to explore digital opportunities in the classroom independently. 200 schools, 1 000 classes, 1 000 teachers and 17 000 students had participated in the ConnectedKids project by the end of the 2020/21 school year and got a taste of digital education.

More information can be found here (only available in German).

Device Initiative Best Practice – Future Learning supports schools in implementation
On the basis of the experience of ConnectedKids, we also support three schools with onboarding of the Device Initiative. This is a measure by the Austrian Ministry of Education, which equips two school levels in each school with end devices. In cooperation with öbv and school coaching, we are helping with this project because the device initiative presents schools with far-reaching organizational and pedagogical issues. The three schools receive pedagogical know-how for digital instruction, organizational support for sustainable digitization, and they also have the opportunity to access paid digital products as part of this.

More information can be found here (only available in German).

Refurbished Smartphones

Magenta Telekom has succeeded in becoming the first national company of Deutsche Telekom to receive the #GreenMagenta label for a product. Magenta’s “Refurbished Smartphones” will appear on the market with the #GreenMagenta label in spring 2022.

Customers’ demand for sustainable smartphones is growing. That’s why we decided to do a test run last Christmas. We saw that it was going really well. After the successful pilot in 2020, Magenta Refurbished is now available as a permanent offer. And this helps to save resources and CO2 emissions in the long term. Magenta Refurbished allows us to save CO2 emissions every year. Our sales plan results in total CO2 savings of around 130 000 kilograms.

Partner of GLACIER: We stand for a green future!

Magenta Telekom is one of the climate protection pioneers in Austria. Companies from a wide range of industries are now members of the newly founded platform The members can gain mutual benefit for climate protection.

Glacier is all about making it easier for companies to reduce CO2 emissions. Businesses should benefit from each other through knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas and experience. For example, if a company has had good experience with a photovoltaic system on the roof, it can pass this knowledge on to others. Magenta is able help other companies with valuable know-how on the climate-neutral operation of infrastructure. The exchange takes place online as part of a “Carbon Reduction Playbook” and as part of a dedicated action day. 

For the first time, “Climate Impact Day” was held in September 2021. Magenta participated with its own program to inform the many interested employees about the company’s climate protection agendas.

CAPE 10: Supporting people on the margins of society

The Favoriten district in Vienna receives a social lighthouse project with CAPE 10
More than 1.572 million people in Austria are acutely at risk of poverty – more than 385 000 are children and young people. CAPE 10 therefore aims to become a beacon in Vienna’s  Favoriten 10th district for those people who are on the fringes of society and have not been lucky in life. The CAPE 10 Foundation helps them to go through life strengthened again.

The house with a fiberoptic connection from Magenta
CAPE 10 is an innovative and unique social project in the newly established mixed-use Sonnwendviertel neighborhood in Vienna's Favoriten 10th district. This is because it has created a space where different social groupings can meet under one roof and learn with and from each other. A center for all people – also for vulnerable people with social and health disadvantages, especially for women, children, and young people.

The multistory building houses social and health institutions on around000 m² of floorspace. These include an outpatient clinic with medical care for uninsured people, Obdach Ester (the day center for homeless women), a pediatrician's center, general medical as well as psychological services, and a knowledge room for disadvantaged children and young people, and much more.

Magenta was on board with this project right from the start. This is because the telecommunications provider set up a fiberoptic connection and installed the WLAN img infrastructure in all public areas of the building. The company will also operate the network for at least three years. The furnishings for the waiting areas were also largely provided by Magenta. The free WLAN gives a large number of people the opportunity to access the Internet.

CAPE 10 Foundation as sponsor
CAPE 10 is sponsored by the not-for-profit CAPE 10 Foundation. This foundation promotes the welfare of people in need, especially those who have fallen on hard times due to illness. This is how the not-for-profit status of the project can be ensured for an indefinite period of time.

Financing the project
The project is a prime example of “social entrepreneurship.” The construction was financed by a real-estate loan, private investors, commercial enterprises, donations, and a new and special form of bond, a social impact hybrid bond. In addition to numerous sponsors, partners in the arts and culture sector were there from the very beginning. These include OMV, Plasser & Theurer, SIGNA, STRABAG, department store Steffl, Synthos, Wien Energie, Wiener Städtische Versicherung and many more.

Completion of occupation of the building in fall of 2021
Laying the foundation stone in September 2019 launched the construction of the modern social and health center “CAPE 10” at Vienna Central Station. The project was completed toward the end of 2021.

CAPE 10 – House of the Future and Social Innovation – has created a place of encounter with a focus on a special kind of personal social responsibility. This is a public living space where a strong partner helps vulnerable people to get their lives back on track.

eBill: “one-two tree!” – Switching to online billing supports forest protection projects

After just a few clicks, Magenta customers can switch their billing preference from paper to online. This helps the environment twice over. Magenta is asking people to do without paper bills in the future. Each time a customer switches to a digital bill, Magenta donates three euros to reforestation projects in the City of Vienna.  

When it comes to paper, most people think of the trees that have to be cut down for it, but there’s much more than that. It takes 10 liters of water to create one sheet of paper and a great deal of energy. Forests are immensely important, especially for big cities like Vienna. This is because the cooling effect of the trees can prevent an even more drastic rise in temperature during the summer.

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