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The year 2021 showed us that tackling environmental issues is an important matter. As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, we take our shared social and environmental commitments very seriously. We therefore perceive making a concrete contribution to the CR strategy as being a crucial part of our ethos.

We can say with pride that all our locations are in line with one of the major CR targets at Deutsche Telekom. All our facilities are now running on 100 percent renewable energy. This is one step toward a better tomorrow. We are not only decreasing our carbon footprint, we are also promoting diversification of energy supply in the marketplace.

The second initiative targets a concrete, tangible and positive impact on our immediate environment and cities by planting trees. All our employees are engaged in this project. They can choose a cheaper hotel for business trips than the price level defined in the daily travel guidance and DTSE then donates the saved money for tree planting. Our contribution in 2021 was 10 000 euros. 

Another topic that the pandemic highlighted was the importance of digitalization. Families living on the verge of poverty lacked access to basic educational needs. DTSE therefore decided to send support where it was needed most. More than 520 computers and items of IT equipment were donated to crisis centers and children with disabilities or without a home. 

We won’t stop there. It is important to us that our business strategy fulfils ethical and social criteria and most importantly that we act responsibly in line with the rapidly changing environment.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share   Deutsche Telekom Services Europe GmbH (DTSE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. DTSE combines the areas of human resources, finance, procurement, and reporting under one roof. Our strategy focuses on customer satisfaction, quality and innovation. We use our know-how and experience to streamline and simplify processes.
Number of customers   We serve all the employees in Germany and major regions of Europe within 180 entities in the Group.
Number of employees   3 183 in Europe
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since 2006   2016

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Awards and memberships

DTSE Slovakia’s awards and memberships


  • Business Superbrands Slovakia 2021 – winner
  • The BIZZ Award – Business Excellence Award
  • The BIZZ Award for Leadership – awarded to Marek Resovsky, Managing Director of DTSE Slovakia
  • 4x Stewie Awards – 1x Gold Award (HR department of the year), 1x Silver Award (Communication Professional of the Year – Jan Jaszberenyi), 2x Bronze Awards (Company of the year providing business or professional services, the Financial Services Company of the Year)
  • Eco Excellence Award for Sustainable Practices 2021



DTSE Czech Republic awards and memberships 


  • The Business Services Firm of the Year 2021 in the Central Eastern Europe category – first place


  • Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic (ABSL) – leading member organization representing the business services sector in the Czech Republic


DTSE Romania awards and memberships


  • ABSL Romania Gala – awarded in the Business Leader in Business Innovation category – second place

One DTSE – joint CSR projects

Being a responsible employer goes beyond supporting our immediate environment and society as a whole. It also entails giving support to our employees. DTSE focuses on both areas by running several projects at all its locations. In 2021, the volunteers were all engaged in planting trees, promoting the paperless office, and tackling environmental issues, reducing poverty and implementing health programs to promote wellbeing especially during the pandemic. For more information about each project, see additional details below.

Less paper with digitalization
DTSE is continuously trying to reduce its environmental footprint and always encourages sustainable behavior for its employees at all DTSE locations. In 2021, the following activities were conducted:

  • All locations aimed to reduce the footprint by recycling the paper along with plastic, aluminum, and small items of electronic waste (up to 50 cm) in Slovakia. This effort at the Slovakian location was awarded the Ecological Company Certificate.
  • Let’s go paperless project – The main aim of the project is  to reduce the amount of paper we print in our daily business and digitalize as many processes as possible. Printing is being continuously monitored and analyzed to see what has to be printed in line with Slovak legislation and what can be digitalized. After a successful cross analysis, the Digitalization Community was created to offer tips and tricks, as well as workshops on digital tools. We wanted to use the tool to reduce the amount of paper consumed and therefore the number of printers.
  • Plastic-free office – DTSE is constantly improving internal products and offices. DTSE Slovakia created new sustainable newcomer packages incorporating eco-friendly elements. It also swapped plastic water bottles and cups in the kitchenettes for glass ones. Events are organized with eco-friendly cutlery, so only steel/wooden cutlery and reusable eco-plastic cups/glasses are used.

DTSE CSR Lighthouse Project 
All DTSE colleagues in different countries have the opportunity to plant trees or engage in enhancing sustainable cities on their business trips. Employees have a limited budget to spend on their accommodation. If cheaper accommodation is booked using our travel tool, the money saved is collected and donated to a nature conservation organization. In 2021, we accomplished our target of donating up to 10 000 euros. The savings collected in 2021 will be turned into trees in 2022.

DTSE Cleaning Squads
All DTSE locations participated in the first joint cleaning challenge for a good cause. Employees created small teams, chose areas to tidy up and collect all the rubbish, and took a photo. Participation qualified them to win500 euros for their location’s selected NGO. This year’s winning location DTSE Slovakia was chosen on the basis of employees voting for employees. An individual prize went to one employee, who also received the most votes. The main aim of this initiative was to create a joint activity for all countries to help the environment in a joined-up way. 

DTSE Health Days
Health Days and DTSE Health Week were also organized for our employees in 2021. The Health Days program has been changed to an online format due to the ongoing pandemic. In 2021, employees were able to participate in online workshops and exercise classes. We concentrated on different types of health topic, COVID-19 education, exercises at home during mobile work, preparation of healthy meals, and much more.

Around the DTSE in 18 days
An international project for all DTSE employees is to run or walk the distance between all DTSE locations. The main aim of the project is to connect up all the locations and promote health during the pandemic. The location with the highest number of kilometers donates the winning money to their selected NGO. This year the winning DTSE location was in Nuremberg, they donated 500 euros – 250 euros to “Station Regenbogen – Cnopfsche Kinderklinik” and 250 euros to “Kinderhospiz St. Nikolaus”. An additional 885 euros were donated by DTSE Romania to the C.O.P.I.I. Association that supports disadvantaged children. Colleagues decided to create this additional challenge for which they were rewarded. 

Poverty prevention

DTSE has set up a variety of projects for poverty prevention to support people who are facing financial problems for various reasons. The primary goal is to help those people to get through a difficult time and prevent them from descending into homelessness or being hungry. This strategy contributes to the wellbeing of affected vulnerable individuals as well as to society as a whole. In 2021, DTSE continued its support for selected NGOs, hospitals, and retiree homes by providing assistance during the pandemic.

DTSE Slovakia made donations of immunity packages (vitamins, face masks, disinfection materials) to medical staff at children’s hospitals. DTSE Slovakia also cooperates with numerous shelter organizations throughout the year. In 2021, marketing items, products, and services were produced and delivered by socially vulnerable people. This creates work opportunities and provides social development for these individuals. DTSE Czech Republic made donations of immunity packages and office equipment (notebooks pens, face masks, disinfection materials) to an organization helping autistic people.

DTSE Romania donated 885 euros from the international competition “Around DTSE in 18 days” to the C.O.P.I.I. Association. Their mission is to improve the lives of Romanian children with a focus on their education.

DTSE sponsored the Copii si Zâne Association with branded running T-shirts and donated office supplies and roll-ups for a national race.

DTSE Romania sponsored the Academia Mamicilor association with school supplies for children in need.

Connecting the unconnected

Adopting a socially responsible approach sometimes requires thinking outside the box and connecting seemingly disparate topics in order to achieve fantastic results. The outcome of this blue-skies thinking led to various projects. The most significant projects of 2021 were:

  • Donation of obsolete IT and office equipment – DTSE Slovakia donated 520 items of IT equipment to selected NGOs: 168 monitors, 253 laptops, 56 smartphones 6 work desks, 10 office cupboards and 41 small items of IT equipment. These were donated to crisis centers, schools for students with mental disabilities, orphanages, etc. The main aim of this initiative is to create an environment that is supportive of digital literacy-skills development. The goal is to provide disadvantaged people with necessary skills for the future and improve their chances of getting a job as an adult.
  • DTSE Romania – Donation of obsolete PCs
  • DTSE Slovakia – Furnished university library 
  • DTSE Slovakia’s Christmas tree of wishes – Over a period of two weeks in December, employees collect Christmas wishes from children at crisis centers and orphanages and fulfil them. The gifts are in the price range from 10-30 euros. Whatever amount employees want to pay for the gifts, the company will double this money and buy equipment for orphanages and crisis centers. In 2021, DTSE Slovakia together with employees donated around 300 gifts for children from orphanages and crisis centers. DTSE Slovakia doubled the amount donated by employees to buy gifts for more children. 
  • DTSE Czech Republic –donated 40 kilos of coffee to two hospitals in Brno to make the working conditions a bit more pleasant for medical staff during the tough times of the pandemic.
  • DTSE Czech Republic donated 15 000 Czech korunas (600 euros) to the Krtek organization to support mothers and children in need.

Being a responsible employer

DTSE is committed to ensuring that its employees receive care, attention, and a healthy lifestyle. The main focus is therefore on the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. A sense of physical wellbeing is essential because a healthy body fosters a healthy mind. And this is particularly true during the ongoing pandemic. Reading and sporting activities are a good step forward in this context.

  • Get fit online – Yoga, stretching, and classes on mindfulness are offered to employees on a regular basis in all four countries. DTSE Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Romania make strenuous efforts to look after the health of its employees because they are the company’s biggest asset. All locations started online yoga classes during remote working.
  • Pop up events at DTSE Slovakia – Environment, empowerment women, and travelling to war-torn countries are just some of the many topics that our employees discussed online with well-known influencers and commentators. DTSE Slovakia offers these online events monthly to create a space for socially relevant discussion and education.
  • Mental health is important – The Human Dynamics agency offers DTSE Slovakia’s employees and their family members a psychologist 24/7 over the phone as well as internal communication and workshops to help deal with the ongoing pandemic. Part of the main workshop and training themes were mind training, self-worth and self-confidence, relaxation courses, stress management, and mindfulness.
  • DTSE Romania Blood Donation campaigns – employees received benefits if they donated blood.
  • DTSE Romania – day off for COVID-19 vaccination.

Low carbon society

Climate change and environmental protection at DTSE is in line with the Deutsche Telekom CR strategy. In 2021, apart from going 100 percent on renewable energy consumption, DTSE supported a low-carbon society in several projects.

  • Environment week at DTSE Slovakia – Over a period of one week in June, the company organized the Environment Week once again to honor Environment Day on 5 June. Over a period of just one week, employees participated in online workshops and an internal newsletter was sent out with useful tips on environmental topics, e.g. how to reduce carbon footprint. Employees also participated in online competitions held on company social networks (YAM, Facebook, Instagram).
  • E-waste collection – DTSE Slovakia created a collection point for electronic waste up to 50 cm in size directly on the premises of its two locations. This year employees collected 350 kg of e-waste. The collected waste is recycled by the company we cooperate with. 
  • Garbage collection at DTSE Czech Republic – Employees participated in a garbage collection day, where they cleaned up the banks of the River Svratka, located near the DTSE premises in Brno.
  • DTSE Czech Republic20 employees contributed to the development of the project “Open Garden” in Brno by planting trees. 
  • DTSE Romania – funded the planting of000 trees in Goicea, Doji county. 
  • DTSE Romania – made educating its employees on CSR and environmental issues a top priority. Topics such as how to protect the environment, how/where to recycle, how/where to get involved in eco-social activities, how to reduce their carbon footprint, etc. as well as the organization of Earth Day contests. 
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