Walter Goldenits
Director of Technology
Deutsche Telekom GmbH

Not only does Telekom Deutschland offer its customers an outstanding network experience, we also build and operate our networks in a way that is responsible, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. 

For example, we use 100 percent renewable energies in our “green network” and have been incorporating the interests of stakeholders from the community – especially local authorities and citizens – into the expansion of our mobile network for many years. We engage in active dialog with municipalities and the public. For the most part, the expansion of mobile networks does not entail any issues. By the end of 2021, we will have already covered over 90 percent of the households in Germany with 5G. The expansion of our network will continue over the next few years.  

Deutsche Telekom’s aspiration is to be where people need connectivity. In the summer of 2021, the flood disaster in western Germany once again impressively demonstrated how important communication is. When floods of unprecedented sizes destroyed the infrastructure of entire cities and towns in a matter of hours, we worked flat out to get those impacted connected to the mobile communications network as quickly as possible to enable them to stay in touch with their families, friends, and voluntary and professional helpers. To this day, we are active in these regions and will remain on site until all fixed network lines have been repaired. 

For us, innovative network technology, high customer satisfaction, and social responsibility go hand in hand.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Core business: Fixed-network products and services, broadband internet, mobile voice and data services, and IPTV

Number of customers  

446.1 million mobile customers
17.8 million fixed-network lines

Number of employees  

60 501 (Germany operating segment)

Please refer to the Internet for further information (only available in German)

Awards and memberships

  • Connect mobile network test and 5G network – test winner 
  • Chip mobile network test – first place in the “Best network” category 
  • Computer Bild network test – first place in the “Best Mobile Network” category
  • Plastic Recycling Award Europe: Speed Home WLAN img mesh repeater 

In the last few years, Telekom Deutschland has invested extensively in its fixed and mobile networks. These continuous investments are paying off for our customers – repeated victories in the mobile network tests by CHIP, connect, and Computer Bild also attest to this.

Discussing the mobile network expansion

In 2001, Telekom Deutschland agreed various measures for a socially acceptable network expansion as part of a collaboration with other network providers with a view to expanding mobile networks in socially responsible ways. This took place within the scope of a voluntary commitment to the German government and municipal umbrella associations. 

Compliance within this framework is reviewed by independent auditors every two years. 92 percent of the municipalities surveyed in the current report said that they had had little or no controversial cases to decide. According to the report, mobile communications expansion is progressing for the most part free of conflict. The reports were published by the Federal Ministry for the Environment here (only available in German). 

Telekom Deutschland continued to pursue network expansion in 2021 and was able to cover over 90 percent of the population with 5G by the end of the year. The site certificate of Bundesnetzagentur, the German Federal Network Agency, ensures immission protection for all mobile telecommunications installations. In line with the increasing demand for information on the expansion of 5G networks, Telekom Deutschland provides information on its website

In addition to this, in 2021 in cooperation with the municipal umbrella organizations, the Informationszentrum Mobilfunk (Mobile Communications Information Center) published the “Mobile Communications and Health” brochures and provides comprehensive information (only available in German) to the municipalities. 

Rebuilding after the flood disaster

In July 2021, some regions in the west of Germany were hit by extremely heavy rain, which caused immeasurable human suffering and also caused massive destruction to Deutsche Telekom’s infrastructure in the affected areas. Numerous employees were closely involved in relief measures for the people impacted by the floods and in rebuilding the telecommunications infrastructure on site. Further information is available here

Green network

The “green network” of Telekom Deutschland was rolled out in 2020. What this means is that all Telekom Deutschland’s electrical power needs are now entirely fulfilled through renewable energy sources. This does not just apply to the energy needs of the entire network, but rather all other energy consumption within the company as well. 

In addition to implementing the Group’s climate protection strategy, it is also important to limit the increasing consumption of energy in network expansion. Telekom Deutschland will therefore continue its commitment to climate protection in 2021, including the continuation of the "Klimapakt² Münchner Wirtschaft" (Climate Pact²) together with the City of Munich, and will implement a number of energy efficiency measures in the PLASMA project. You can find further information here

Sustainable product range

Eco rating helps with environmentally conscious smartphone purchases
In 2021, Telekom, together with the European mobile service providers Orange, Telefónica, Telia Company, and Vodafone, developed an industry-wide consumer label for mobile phones: Eco Rating. To enable our customers to make sustainable purchasing decisions, we have combined all devices that have Eco Rating in our portfolio (only available in German). 

Sustainable 5G smartphone: sales of the Fairphone 4
The best way to reduce your ecological footprint is to use your smartphone for longer. That’s why the Fairphone 4 is designed as a modular device. It consists of eight replaceable components, such as the battery and the screen, and can be easily repaired. The smartphone comes with a five-year guarantee, is made from fair materials such as Fairtrade gold and recycled plastic, and is the only smartphone to be awarded the government’s “Blue Angel” ecolabel.

Award-winning repeater and climate-neutral phone case
Our Speed Home WLAN img mesh repeater has been awarded the Plastic Recycling Award Europe: its housing made of 90 percent recycled plastic was recognized by the jury as an “outstanding example of the circular use of plastic materials.” You can find further information here.

With “A Good Mobile Case” we offer our customers a climate-neutral phone case that is 100 percent organic and comes from purely plant-based production. 

Circular economy and recycling

Sustainable smartphone recycling
Our sustainable smartphone recycling starts with the sale of your old device in the Telekom Shop or online - our customers can save money and resources via the “TradeMyMobile” (only available in German) service: 

Provided they are suitable for refurbishment and reuse, the used mobile devices are professionally and certifiably refurbished and then resold. The display is sustainably renewed using a new, innovative deep polish; it does not have to be replaced, so the consumption of resources is minimized.

A recycled “ReUse MyMobile” smartphone offers customers a saving of up to 200 euros and a 24-month guarantee. The newly developed packaging is biodegradable. The phone sits securely in the sealed inner packaging. In many stores, customers are able to inspect the display without a film via the nifty viewing window. The new full-service mobile phone insurance package including "AppleCare Service" can now also be added to ReUse MyMobile smartphones. 

Cell phone collection 
For many years, the company has gone far beyond the legal obligation to take back mobile phones and has been able to collect more than 3.3 million used mobile phones and smartphones to date. These are either refurbished and reused or recycled in an environmentally friendly way. In total, around 203 000 devices were collected or purchased in 2021. The cell phone collection center (only available in German) has established the only take back scheme in Germany that has been awarded the government’s “Blue Angel” ecolabel. In 2021, a large-scale collection campaign was also carried out with the radio station WDR 2.

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