Michael Tsamaz
OTE Group Chairman and CEO

2021 was another year of great challenges that tested our resilience to the limit. COVID-19 continues to leave its mark on our way of life, while climate change has caused unprecedented environmental and economic damage. 

Planet-sized challenges need planet-sized solutions. Collaboration between organizations, governments and individuals, moonshot thinking and bold action are critical. 

Technology, innovation and digitalization have proved significant allies in humanity’s battle toward a sustainable future for everyone. In a world where disruption and change are the new normal, connectivity and technology have become supremely important.

The OTE Group’s vision is to create a better world for all through technology. We placed sustainable development at the core of our business strategy many years ago because we fully acknowledged our share of responsibility. A sustainable business model empowers us to keep on improving our environmental and social footprint.

Our aim is to make technology accessible to all. In 2021, we continued connecting people, communities and businesses, and we consider this to be our top priority. Our ongoing investments in NGA networks supported this endeavor and we intensified the roll out of FTTH img and 5G networks. We weathered last year’s crises and succeeded in emerging stronger, thanks to the resilience of our people and networks. 

We embrace the shift toward an equal digital society. This is a society that makes the most of the infinite possibilities that technology has to offer. No one should be left behind. We are committed to digital inclusion and social engagement, ensuring that young people will have the tools and knowledge to change the world, while the more vulnerable will be able to participate in the journey to a digital and sustainable future.

Our mission to tackle global warming is facilitated by adopting Deutsche Telekom’s net zero climate targets by 2025 and 2040. We already power our COSMOTE Green Network with 100 percent energy from renewable sources. In addition, we are committed to applying the principles of circularity in our business and properly manage resource efficiencies.

We won’t hesitate to act in accordance with what we think needs to be done today so as to ensure a better world for everyone in the future.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

The OTE Group is the largest technology company in Greece and the biggest investor in new technologies and infrastructure in the country. It offers the full range of telecommunications services, from fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, to pay television and integrated ICT img solutions. In addition to its core telecommunications activities, the Group in Greece is also involved in maritime communications and real estate. The Group also operates in the mobile telecommunications market of Romania.

Number of customers  
  • Retail access lines: 2 715 939
  • COSMOTE TV subscribers: 624 195
  • Mobile subscribers: 7 044 842
Number of employees   10 605
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2008

ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018 
ISO 50001

Please refer to the internet for further information   Integrated Management System
Local CR reports  

The OTE Group’s Integrated Report 2020, including data from seven companies in the Group, presents the Group’s economic, social and environmental footprint, as well as its contribution to Achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals img. The content of the Report is defined according to the “Core” option of the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (GRI Standards) and is subject to external assurance, covering the Principles of Standard AA1000 img on Inclusivity, Materiality img, Responsiveness and Impact img, the United Nation’s Global Compact Principles, the guidelines of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD img) and specific performance indicators of companies in the OTE Group.

Awards and memberships

The OTE Group received a total of nine awards for its sustainability performance in 2021:

International CR Reporting Awards (CRRAs): 

  • Winner in the Creativity in Communications category (for the 2019 OTE Group Integrated Report)
  • First Runner-up in the Best Integrated Report category (for the 2019 OTE Group Integrated Report)

Hellenic Responsible Business Awards: 

  • The program “Refurbishment & Reuse of Terminal Equipment” in the category Sustainable Development – Natural Resources Management – GOLD Award
  • COSMOTE TV Studios – LEED GOLD Certification in the category Sustainable Development – "Green” Buildings / Structured Environment – BRONZE Award
  • Missing Alert App img in the category Technology for the common good – CSR Apps – SILVER Award

“Bravo” sustainability awards 2021

  • Award in the Market” category for the "Grow your business initiative” aiming at the digitalization of SMEs
  • Distinction for Management of the COVID-19 crisis in the category “Actions COVID-19” 

Health & Safety Awards 2021:

  • Gold Distinction in the “Telecommunications” sector
  • Gold Award for “COVID-19 Prevention actions”

Impact BITE Awards 2021

  • “ICT img Company of the decade” awards for OTE Group
  • Nine awards in total were earned by the company, including: “ΙCT Company of the Year,” Gold Award in the “Social Contribution” category for the development of the “Missing Alert App” by the company, Bronze Award in the category “ICT Solutions for SMEs” for the initiative Digital Marketing4U.

The OTE Group responds to issues and assessments highlighted by analysts in relation to sustainability / ESG img / socially responsible investment (SRI img). OTE is included in the following sustainability indexes: 

  • FTSE4Good img Emerging Index
  • Vigeo img Eiris Best Emerging Markets Performers ranking
  • “Prime” status by ISS ESG 
  • MSCI ESG Research’s assessment
  • 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
  • CDP and ATHEX ESG Index.

Innovative sustainable products and services

In 2021, the OTE Group launched and developed new products and services and significant projects including the following:

myHealth App img: the “e-prescription” system on the cellphone
In October 2021, the “myHealth App” project was completed by the OTE Group in cooperation with Byte Computer on behalf of the e-Government Center for Social Security Services (IDIKA). The new mobile App enables citizens to view and manage pharmaceutical prescriptions, examination referrals and medical certificates issued conveniently, quickly and securely using the “e-prescription” system. This will soon be enriched by populating with new medical data. The App is the next step in the multidimensional e-prescription project, which has been implemented with input from the OTE Group and gives citizens access to their health profile from their cellphone.

More than 100 000 citizens have already downloaded the myHealth App and are making good use of it. 

According to IDIKA data, more than 2.6 million citizens have registered so far and their medications are being prescribed by e-prescription. 26 million paperless prescriptions and 10 million paperless referrals have been issued. Registered users have been sent 66 million automated text messages (SMS) for the issue and dispensing of prescriptions, and the issue of referrals, along with 50 million emails.

Smart Water Management for the Municipality of Monemvasia
The first water metering project in Greece utilizing Narrow-Band Internet of Things img (NB-IoT img) technology, was completed by COSMOTE in March 2021 for the municipality of Monemvasia. Smart meters were installed in the municipality’s water supply network for remote monitoring and management of the water supply and consumption in real time and with precision. The Smart Water Management solution, achieves savings of water resources, stabilization of water pressure, quality control, and leak detection, while significantly reducing energy consumption and municipal spending.

Energy and climate change

OTE Group launches new eco-friendly corporate vehicles
The OTE Group started renewing its corporate vehicle fleet at the beginning of 2021 with reduced fuel-consumption car models. In total, more than 300 company vehicles will be replaced by models with Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technology. In parallel, a corresponding corporate charging network has been designed and created at the OTE Group’s facilities so that all vehicles can be charged. There are also additional parking spaces with vehicle charging for visitors to the Group’s facilities. The entire energy consumption of hybrid plug-in vehicles from the corporate charging network will be covered by guarantees of origin for electricity from renewable energy sources, in line with all of the OTE Group’s operations. 

A significant reduction in diesel consumption is expected in 2022, along with more efficient consumption of unleaded petrol from the application of plug-in hybrid technology in combination with electricity.

Circular economy – COSMOTE provides refurbished equipment

The OTE Group was the first company in Greece to implement refurbishment processes for end devices (ADSL img, VDSL img, VoIP modems, routers, and TV decoders), and so far, it remains the only company to have adopted this approach. As a result, the OTE Group is facilitating the prolongation of lifetime and overall utilization of the equipment supplied to customers of the COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail network.

Proper end-of-life management of end devices is also being implemented. In 2021, about 480 000 end devices were collected and some 260 000 of these were refurbished. More than 200 000 devices were forwarded for recycling.

“We recycle – Small effort, big impact”: Recycling program in COSMOTE & GERMANOS retail network
Raising public awareness of sustainable waste management and natural resource protection is one of the most important objectives of the OTE Group’s environmental strategy for sustainable development.

Since 2013, recycling has been promoted at the COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail network where customers can bring mobile devices with their accessories, tablets, household batteries, and ink cartridges for recycling. In 2021, about 370 collection points were in operation in the retail network and 25 buildings, while about 16.5 metric tons of telephone devices, 21.5 metric tons of household batteries and about500 ink cartridges were recycled.

Digital Inclusion

The OTE Group is embracing the shift towards a Digital Society. This kind of society adopts and integrates information and communication technologies, offering more opportunities and making people’s everyday life easier. The Group strives to help people of all ages welcome and embrace this transformation and facilitate the cultivation of their digital skills, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation.

Educational robotics and STEM
COSMOTE contributes to a better world for everyone by developing the digital skills of children and young people from all over the country. Over the past eight years, COSMOTE has been a strategic partner of the not-for-profit organization for educational robotics and science “WRO Hellas”. The partnership has implemented a series of initiatives intended to disseminate educational robotics and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) educational methodology throughout the Greek educational system. Up to now, more than 25 000 students have participated in these initiatives (Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition and Junior Engineer Academy in Greece).

The OTE Museum’s educational programs for school groups included guided tours, art and music workshops, robotics, STEM img programs, theatrical plays, and recorded videos with information about safety on the Internet. The museum promptly adjusted all its educational programs for schools and families to match the new circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, COVID-19 meant that STEM training programs for programming and coding were conducted online and in-house for children aged six to 12 years, using Scratch Junior and Scratch 3.0 programs. 344 people participated in these programs.

The museum offered live activities for families and guided tours of the Museum’s permanent exhibition hall using new digital applications (Augmented and Virtual Reality), mixed reality workshops, digital games, and videos on demand with activities that visitors can download and watch wherever they choose. In 2021, 5 552 people participated digitally in the museum’s educational programs and guided tours, as well as in-house at the museum’s premises.

COSMOTE Grow your Business
COSMOTE values a world where all businesses will be able to grow by utilizing technology’s potential. This is why COSMOTE is rolling out the #GrowYourBusiness program. COSMOTE uses this umbrella program to support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the digital era by taking action and launching initiatives. 

#GrowYourBusiness – Meet the Experts workshops were launched with this in mind. The initiative has brought Greek “businesspeople” into contact with experts from various sectors, enabling them to share their experience, best practices, and innovative ideas. The workshop speakers included people with a successful track record in the business world and outstanding experts on digital tools, technology, and customer experience. 

In 2021, COSMOTE transferred #GrowYourBusiness to the digital environment. This enabled everyone to access the third cycle of the initiative, a free online seminar series #GrowYourBusiness – The Digital Sessions, from their own pc or smartphone and in their own time. The seminars were hosted on COSMOTE’s YouTube channel, and their purpose is to help participants become acquainted with the tools and tactics that will help them grow, through the application of technology. At the same time, Live “Q&As” followed after each online seminar, where participants had the opportunity to meet with experts in fields related to each topic who answered their questions and guided them with practical advice. More than 54 000 businesses and employees were able to develop new skills in the use of new digital tools and technologies, highlighting the strong uptake in the business community.

Free WiFi img provision to archeological sites and museums
Free WiFi is provided to visitors at major archaeological sites within the framework of the partnership between COSMOTE and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. This delivers access to free WiFi at significant archaeological sites and museums in Greece. Following the extension of the memorandum of cooperation between the two parties, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has selected a total of 25 points of major cultural and historical interest for this service. COSMOTE already offers free broadband services at thirteen sites of cultural interest, while it is continuing to set up infrastructure at the remaining sites. The company has invested a total of more than three million euros in this project.

Social contribution

Supporting NGOs for children
Once again in 2021, the OTE Group supported 17 non-governmental organizations caring for children all over Greece by contributing nearly EUR 500 000 in financial aid. Over the past 21 years, more than 60 institutions have been supported with almost EUR 9 million, contributing to the improvement of children’s living conditions throughout Greece. Three NGOs were selected by the employees through internal voting. Two of the three NGOs’ missions relate respectively to fostering the personal development of children with mental disabilities, and early intervention and treatment of the whole autism spectrum for children. The other NGO provides special professional services to young people and their families with the objective of ensuring their social and professional integration.

COSMOTE Scholarships Program
In 2021, COSMOTE ran its Scholarships Program for the 20th consecutive year. COSMOTE announced 29 scholarships worth EUR 15 000 and EUR 18 750 each for the academic year 20212022. The level of funding depends on the years each scholar has spent at university. One honorary scholarship (EUR 25 000) is available to first-year students who have gained entrance to specific higher education institutions such as the Polytechnic School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and who are also faced with economic hardship and social difficulties. Alongside financial support, COSMOTE offered the scholars fixed and mobile products and services, free of charge to cover their telecommunications needs and cable TV services for the duration of their studies. Over a period of 20 years, the program has provided a total of 734 scholarships valued at more that EUR 7 million.

Corporate volunteering

The outbreak of the pandemic in 2021 shut down several of the volunteer programs operated by the OTE Group. However, some of the programs contributing to the wellbeing of society were postponed until after the lockdown.

Blood and bone marrow donation programs
The Blood Donation Program of the OTE Group in Greece has been running for more than 43 years and has become part of the Group’s culture. In 2021, a total of 1 594 units of blood were collected from OTE Group employees. 484 units were made available to meet the needs of employees and their families, while the remaining 1 110 were given to cover social needs throughout Greece. Since 1976, the OTE Group has collected more than 32 267 units of blood.

COSMOTE in collaboration with the NGO “Choose Life” and the University of Patra’s program “KEDMOP – Give life” set up the program where employees can donate bone marrow and give hope to people who need a transplant. The program ran throughout 2020 and employees were able to come to the company’s walk-in clinics following all relevant health and safety protocols. Since the launch of the initiative, more than 409 COSMOTE employees have made a bone marrow donation. 

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