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Lynn Lim,
Head of HR Ops (internal)

T-Systems Singapore and DT Global Business Solutions Singapore meet our group corporate responsibility strategy in a few areas. 

Our go-green initiative includes purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for the electricity we consume in our office space. RECs are bought as carbon credits to offset our use of electricity which comes from sources that are not environmental-friendly. We purchased a total of 90 RECs for 2022 and carried out a transformation to arrangements for e-claims and e-billings in order to minimize paper usage.  

We promote inclusion and social engagement through “Women In Networking” (WIN) sessions, multi-racial harmony festivals, charity events, and donation drives to Red Cross Singapore and Singapore Children’s Society. To support the next generation’s strong head start into their career and a future-ready workforce, we offered beyond classroom opportunities, industry network sessions, and internships.

Lynn Lim
Head of HR Ops (Internal)
T-Systems Singapore 


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Operates ICT img systems for multinational corporations and public-sector institutions (healthcare, airports) in Singapore.

Number of customers   More than 30 (local customers)
Number of employees  

100 (T-Systems and DTGBSS)

Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since  

2000 (T-Systems)
2019 (DTGBSS)


ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001 img:2015
ISO 45001:2018 
Singapore Bizsafe Level 3 Certification

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T-Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. 
DT Global Business Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Wellness Activities for Employees

A healthy work environment is a key contributor to a positive workplace. T-Systems Singapore and DT Global Business Solutions Singapore constantly make efforts to raise employees’ awareness in health-related areas. Our company also promotes physical and sports activities to ensure that its employees are able to work in a healthy workplace ecosystem. At the beginning of 2022, the company participated in the Team-based National Corporate Step Challenge with the aim to encourage each other to stay fit and healthy. Subsequently, we rolled out physical activities such as evening walk-and-jogs, and gym-for-lunch sessions, “Learning to self-manage and stay recharged” workshop and “Mental wellbeing workshop for supervisors”, which focus on mental healthcare to help employees manage stress/anxiety and achieve better focus at work.  

In line with our Guiding Principle – “stay curious and grow”, we rolled out the ApriLearning Fest to all employees with the aim to nurture self-directed and empowered individuals to upskill and power higher performance. 

In line with 2022 Living Culture Day theme – #thepowerofwe, we ignited our “Team Together – Team Apart” guiding principle through engaging and meaningful activities such as Bubble Soccer Team Challenge and introduction of WEGROW – Team & Peer Feedback Exercise.    

In 2023, we will continue our holistic employee-centric activities to support an engaged, motivated and healthy workforce.  

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