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Nikola Ljushev, CEO, Makedonski Telekom

Nikola Ljushev
Makedonski Telekom

We are an innovation leader and technology is one of the greatest assets we use in addressing the challenge of creating a healthy environment and equal digital society. These two goals are an integral part of our routine work every day. We feel responsible for making technology and innovation ubiquitous, and using it as a tool for fighting climate change and making technology accessible for everyone.

Our network forms the foundation for the digital future, so this year we are especially proud of building our 5G network within a very short period of time. After just one year, our network covers 26 cities, making 5G available to many customers. By introducing the first Telekom 5G smartphones – T Phone and T Phone Pro – at a very accessible price, we are taking a step toward the goal: digital connectivity accessible for everyone. 

New technologies are working to combat climate change. Our smart city projects generate an electricity saving of more than 60 percent. We help businesses to save electricity by using Cloud services and an e-SIM helps us to reduce the use of plastic. In 2022, Telekom launched the Good Cause initiative collecting more than 12 000 obsolete cellphones and planting 25 000 trees. These are milestones and highlights that motivate us to go even further.

We believe that nobody should be left behind and the digital future should be for everyone. That’s why we are committed to digital inclusion projects, working on bridging the digital divide. We include young people in this process and we co-create with them, teaching them how to use the technology as a tool. This year, young innovators created innovative solutions to fight climate change under the name Technology for the Planet. At the other end of the spectrum, we use technology to help seniors. One example of this is the Emergency Button project, which uses digital technology to provide security and support to people over the age of 65.

Taking responsibility for the environment and society is a long-term commitment for us that will go even further in the upcoming years.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  
  • 49.4 percent of the broadband Internet segment 
  • About 49 percent in the mobile segment 
  • 34 percent share in the TV market 
  • 58 percent market share compared with first competitor in total company revenues
Number of customers  
  • Fixed network: 226 532 
  • Broadband Internet services: 225 975 
  • IPTV: 147 635 
  • Mobile Services: 1.3 million 
  • FMC Households: 117 387
Number of employees   1 089
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2000

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001 img:2015
ISO 45001:2018 


Network – Our Tool for Connectivity

Our network is our tool to connect everyone across the world, so investing in our network infrastructure is the number one priority for Makedonski Telekom. We’re working hard in the field on fixed and mobile networks, investing millions to pave the way to our digital future.

2022 was a big milestone for 5G. This is the year when Makedonski Telekom launched the first 5G network and within only a year built a very large network covering 26 cities. Three years ago, we started initial preparations for fifth-generation technology, and today we have the first commercial 5G network. Over the past years, we have been preparing, investing, testing, building and talking about the future, so we can now say that 5G is here. In February, we launched the first commercial 5G network in Macedonia, enabling the use of 5G services based on spectrum sharing with 4G. In March we covered the capital Skopje and we are continuing to extend the network. In June, Telekom acquired the 5G radio frequencies to enable gigabyte speeds. In line with expectations, 26 cities were able to use 5G services in October 2022, making this technology widespread throughout the country. In September 2022, we joined forces with many other DT NatCos to launch the first Telekom 5G smartphones – T Phone and T Phone Pro – at a very competitive price, making digital connectivity accessible for everyone. 

These new devices empower our customers to enjoy the possibilities of our ever-expanding 5G network, ranging from entertainment to countless digital products and services.

We have built the first and largest 5G network in North Macedonia in order to make this technology accessible to as many customers as possible and to enable the development of unprecedented services reliant on high-performance and failsafe Internet connections to facilitate data transmission in real time. This technology will be the engine for developing new functionalities, and unparalleled services and products that will simplify and improve our lives in all spheres. 

In order to enable fast Internet connections everywhere, we rely on fiberoptics: we operate the largest fiberoptic network in the country which is expanding year by year. The optical network is growing and developing in parallel with the mobile network. At the end of the first nine months of 2022, more than 267 000 accesses to optics were enabled, which is 11 percent more compared to the same period in the previous year. We remain committed to developing the best network and creating innovative services and solutions so as to provide an optimum user experience. 

Environment: Commitment to Climate-neutral Practices

We are committed to climate-neutral practices and the circular economy. We look at all the ways our products, services, and activities impact the environment throughout the entire value chain, and we support and motivate our customers in their actions to facilitate the climate-neutral circular economy. 

We invest in new technologies which are working to combat climate change. We are committed to helping our customers preserve resources and reduce their energy consumption through solutions such as our growing offer of sustainable products and services. By using software and IT infrastructure directly in the Telekom Cloud, our highly efficient datacenters consume up to 80 percent less energy compared to customers using their own infrastructure. 

Our investments are continuously directed toward financing digital services and solutions that will help businesses in their operations, and directly contribute to environmental protection (such as Virtual Server, Electronic Signature, Electronic Seal, etc.). 

Digital solutions also improve the quality of life and allow urban life to become more sustainable by reducing energy consumption, pollution, and CO2 emissions. This is a matter of urgent priority because cities are responsible for more than 70 percent of global CO2 emissions. Makedonski Telekom is a pioneer in smart city solutions in R.N. Macedonia.  

We were the first on the market to introduce the replacement of plastic SIM cards with electronic ones. In addition to the technological innovation, the environmental aspect is especially important because the replacement of plastic cards and packaging will contribute to preserving the environment.

Over a period of years, we have focused on promoting electronic bill payment (online payment using Web or App img). The company promotes this by investing in an application and in marketing to encourage uptake of the service and educate customers about environmental protection through the use of e-bills. From 2021 to 2022, the consumption of paper for bills decreased by more than 10 percent, i.e. about 1.5 metric tons of paper. 

In addition to the contribution through daily operations and new technologies, we also take care of the environment by collecting old cellphones and recycling them as electronic waste.

Environment: Good Cause Initiative

We act together for the protection of the environment, as our priority strategic commitment. 

Makedonski Telekom, together with the other European subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom, is involved in a take-back eco-initiative for reducing e-waste and investing in the restoration of natural habitats in Europe. Our goal is to collect 500 000 obsolete electronic devices by 2024 through combined efforts and participation in the joint initiative.  

We started the local campaign in March 2022 to reduce electronic waste and achieve an even bigger goal – restoration of the areas that were affected by the big wild fires last summer. 

Our campaign to take back obsolete cellphones in any Telekom shop is our way of encouraging customers to get involved in this initiative and receive a discount for buying a new smartphone in return. 

This initiative is still in progress and has proven to be extremely successful! As many as 12 000 electronic devices had been returned by December 2022. The company has committed to plant a new tree for each collected device, but it has actually doubled this number and supported by employees the company planted 25 000 new trees over an area of 10 hectares during the forest campaign in the Kocani Region.

The aim of this initiative is for all of us to work together in order to reduce the harmful effects on nature and create a healthier environment and а better future for everybody.

Makedonski Telekom continues to uphold its commitment to achieving positive change in society through direct involvement in the process of preserving the environment and its resources. Extreme fires in recent years have ravaged large swathes of countryside and prompted calls for action that need to be answered with concrete activities.

We need a common vision and collective efforts to achieve a change. The company joined forces with customers and employees to contribute to the reduction and proper treatment of electronic waste, and the restoration of green spaces in the regions devastated by fire.

Technology that saves Lives: The Emergency Button project

An equal digital society is the only acceptable option for us. Technology should be accessible for everyone and nobody should be left behind. Together with the DT family, we are committed to digital inclusion, making sure that everyone can participate in the journey to a truly digital future. 

Supporting seniors with the help of technology is a goal for the partnership between the Telekom Foundation and the Red Cross. The partnership includes the Emergency Button project, which provides security and support to people over 65 with the help of digital technology. Users will be able to alert the Red Cross team in situations when they urgently need help. They always carry the device with them and they can activate it by simply pressing a button. The team is composed of trained people who can provide users with first aid, initial psychological assistance or immediately transport them to the appropriate institutions, depending on their needs. The emergency button helps the users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The project will initially cover 110 users from Skopje, who live alone and need an immediate response. This is a new service in the region, but it is already being used in many European countries with excellent results. The project is being implemented with the support of the Austrian Development Agency, the Austrian and Swiss Red Cross and the InCARE project, supported by the European Commission.

This strategic partnership gives the Telekom Foundation and the Red Cross technology they can use as a tool to save lives and raise awareness about caring for the elderly.

Society: Ability of Young People to create Innovations – Technology for the Planet

Using technology as a tool for a better life and environment, and joined-up creativity together with young people is the goal of the project – Technology for the Planet. The Telekom Foundation for Macedonia and UNICEF launched the project with an open call for young innovators to submit ideas for digital solutions in order to tackle climate change within the global youth challenge “Generation without Limits”. 

This year, the young innovators created digital solutions for dealing with one of the toughest threats faced by children and young people around the world – climate change. High-school and university students, and any interested young people, had an opportunity to work with mentors and create innovations designed to ensure a healthy environment and a higher quality of life for present and future generations. 

The best ten teams were invited to attend workshops in order to develop their ideas further. After the workshops, the five best ideas were selected and given finance as part of an award that included mentorship help with specialists from Makedonski Telekom.

The winning teams are: 

Bio Techno Logic team that created an automated, digital organic waste bin, which will produce natural bio-humus in its final phase. 

Тhe Green Hot Chili Peppers team had an idea for promoting environmental protection by creating a special bin, which independently selects waste and simultaneously produces electricity. 

As a result of the innovative ideas, the jury of experts decided to award a cash prize and mentoring support to a third team. Given that the fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of CO2 emissions, the Oh Swapp Team plans to develop a mobile application for exchanging clothes and books. 

Winning teams will enter the world selection with a chance to win additional funds totaling USD 20 000, alongside a global incubation program from the partners of “Generation without Limits” in order to facilitate expansion.

Society: Donation in Healthcare

We have a duty to contribute to the development of society and to the general wellbeing of people. We helped the general public and healthcare providers by donating a modern multifunctional anesthetic machine to the University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Skopje. This is the first machine of its type at the clinic and indeed in the country. It has been provided in line with the needs of the clinic in order to ensure better care for patients. This machine will be extremely helpful for everyone, especially in the case of at-risk female patients who receive anesthesia during complicated and long surgical procedures. This is a technological achievement that will be put to use in more than000 complicated gynecological procedures that are performed annually at the clinic. This donation is even more significant in view of the fact that it has been given during a period when the capacity of the existing machines has significantly decreased as a result of overuse. This machine is the only one of its kind in the country and it will enable the clinic to supplement the capacities of the existing equipment to ensure the smooth running of operations. Makedonski Telekom is responsible for contributing to the development of society and to the wellbeing of the general public. We have a duty to create state-of-the-art digital solutions that will help people in their everyday lives, and play an active role with socially useful activities in everyone’s interest. 

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